Parent's Guide to the Site

Murdoch Murdoch:

Frequent strong language and racial epithets, but nothing a public school middle schooler wouldn't be familiar with. 'Meme' sex, below, means non-explicit pictures bumping into each other (which can still shock. But it wouldn't surprise me if kids see worse in sex education nowadays). MM is really not made for kids, but some parents have said they watch (presumably some) episodes with their kids. Murdoch said he gave "The Wanderer's Choice" a fairy tale quest structure because someone told him kids watched the show (some AMA).


Walt Bismarck:

They're 99% mainstream cartoons so no depictions of anything, but adult language is common.

White Rabbit:

Rated 'G'.


Nothing explicit I don't think, just general PG-13.

Brahmin with Xurious:

E for Everyone.