Who, What & Why:

The site is firstly intended to be a reliable place from which to stream Murdoch Murdoch, then, other alt-right animation + media and other generally moralizing material, and secondly to provide a gentle on-ramp to white identity (though the site is not there yet).

This site is not associated with the Murdochs - the webmaster is just a fan, the name helps grab search engine attention.


This site is different in that it streams the videos at multiple resolutions, like YouTube and Odysee do. This lets your device (eg your phone) use closer to only what it can display, instead of always downloading the full videos. It also loads videos faster and is more robust to bad network conditions, by continuing at a lower resolution instead of stalling when capacity drops (though it's not perfect). See the Back Room for more.

The site costs ~$200 / year which is not a burden. I wish there was an easy way for fans to 'feed the meter' to keep the site going directly, but the methods are all either doxxing-prone or a nuisance. So if you want to support it, please rather support our creators by buying a copy of a book or documentary that you found here.


It's not complete, and I know the links to the fly-by-night 'where to find books' sites are now trash (many such cases), it needs fixing up. I originally intended the site to be cookie-, + Google Analytics-free, but using Cloudflare (against bot attacks) ended that. That said, therightstuff.biz uses Cloudflare too, as did Cheeky.


Everything on the site is public. If you contribute something, everyone can download + reuse it.