Who, What & Why:

The site is not associated with the Murdochs, the webmaster is just a fan. The name helps with search engine attention. It is intended to be a reliable place from which to stream Murdoch Murdoch and other moralizing alt-right media, and, to provide a gentle on-ramp to white identity.

Supporting the site (tl;dr, no need):

The site is all paid up through mid-January 2025, so absent outside interference, it will be up at least through then. The site costs ~$200 / year which is not a burden. Please rather spend $ on some creator that you enjoy or you think needs it.


It's not complete, and I know that some links to the 'where to find books' sites are now trash (many such cases), it needs fixing up. I originally intended the site to be cookie-free, but I think Cloudflare (which I use against bot attacks) might put some in. Therightstuff.biz uses Cloudflare, as did Cheeky. Be aware, though, that in the US, since 2016/17, ISPs have been able to just up and sell your browsing history. You can apparently opt-out, so, you might want to do that if you haven't already.


Everything on the site is public. If you contribute something, you accept that everyone can download + reuse it.