Murdoch Murdoch is an alt-right(*) cartoon series begun in 2015, made with the irreverence, edge and pervasive humor of 4chan's Politically Incorrect board, /pol/. The anonymous Murdochs (Murdoch Murdoch and his two friends, Murdoch Chan and Dr Murdoch), earn especial love for tackling tough alt-right issues honestly and fearlessly, and doing it in a sympathetic way.

For more, see their early Radix Interview, informal /pol/ AMA (search for 'yoEK' for the Murdochs' responses. Warning, don't click strange thumbnails), Reddit AMA, and their multiple audio AMAs (one, two, three, four - machine transcriptions up eventually). The earlier AMAs answer more basic questions.

If you're looking for a place to start, perhaps try Murdoch's own suggestions, or the "house's choice" of Essential Episodes.

"Once you take the red pill there's no going back." - The Real Red Pill Blues

"It's almost like, I wasn't alive until I found something worth dying for." - The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness

One thoughtful testimony to their impact:

Q: Is MM safe for kids?
A: The series comes from an 18+ board, and the language is 'R'-rated with a lot of racial epithets, although the narrated episodes have no offensive language or imagery (except a small amount of nudity in 'The Last Son of the West'). Overall, the series is probably not suited for homeschooled, Christian seven-year-olds, but public school high schoolers, maybe middle, might enjoy it. Being post-puberty + sex ed is a near-must for many episodes. Some parents have said they watch (presumably some) episodes with their kids, and the Murdochs acknowledge that not everything is for everyone but are happy for whatever kids can watch: (from: AMA 2, starting at 6:20). An incomplete Parent's Guide.

(*) 'white nationalist', 'white identity', 'white right' ...