Murdoch Murdoch is an alt-right cartoon series begun in 2015, made with the irreverence, edge and pervasive humor of 4chan's Politically Incorrect board, /pol/. The anonymous Murdochs (Murdoch Murdoch and his two friends, Murdoch Chan and Dr Murdoch), earn especial love for fearlessly taking on tough alt-right issues, and for giving them the impact they deserve, helped greatly by their collective skill in choosing music.

For more, see their early Radix Interview, informal /pol/ AMA (search for 'yoEK' for the Murdochs' responses. Warning, don't click strange thumbnails), Reddit AMA, and their multiple audio AMAs (one, two, three, four - machine transcriptions up eventually). Note that the earlier AMAs answer more basic questions.

If you're looking for a place to start, I recommend the Highlighted Episodes.

"Once you take the red pill there's no going back." - Murdoch

Q: Is MM safe for kids?
A: Not for homeschooled, Christian seven year olds, but public school high schoolers, maybe middle, will eat it up. It contains swearing and occasional meme homosexual acts and bestiality (pictures bumping into each other).