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Cheeky's directory listing on You can't play these files, but you can right-click and download them. If this link doesn't work for you (cookies or something), just go to, look for, choose the latest link that isn't dead (Aug 23rd 2021), then fish for directory: /murdoch/videos/ . I've taken the opportunity to confirm, 100%, that I have all of his here, except I've regularlized the names a tiny bit - capitalized AMA eg.

directory of all videos.
For FTP access (gives you the ability to select any number and download them in bulk) the IP is: ( goes to Cloudflare.) When asked for a username, use 'anonymous', and it won't ask you for a password. The url should look like: ftp://anonymous@ (but that doesn't work for me, from a browser :(. FileZilla works, though - tested 2023-02-11 - though any FTP client should.
I don't have sftp set up - my certificates come from Cloudflare, and point to Cloudflare servers :(. I really did try - I can't get the usual, automatic scripts to work.)
This starts you off above /videos/ - if you want to mass-download something else, talk to me.

I confirm that I have all the MM videos up from Cheeky including 'hatespeech' edits, as they were on Cheeky, wrongly capitalized titles and all (I did regularize a little, and actually, Cheeky did, too, from upload to upload), including some that were dropped from later uploads, like, 'Reddit AMA', 'Aids Skrillex', 'Murdoch Merch', and 'Trump Supporter' (which I think was never on Cheeky, I got it from an old .torrent; so, I'm not even positive it's Murdoch's). Also, I have some announcements that Cheeky didn't, which I downloaded from YouTube. These are .mkvs, and sadly, they're a little lower-quality than Murdoch's originals, but not noticeably so.

> directory of audio

> directory of books

> directory of transcripts and subtitles

> directory of scripts (if you want to use these, contact me to make sure you have the latest versions.

Independent Site Advocacy

I think more people should set up their own servers, it's irritating for 'content' followers to have to jump from platform to platform as they get POZed and new ones open up. I know, though, that 'platforms' are more convenient for content makers. And free.
Imo more people should stream their videos, too. It's easy, the smarts are in the browser - video.js (or something like it).

Streaming Details

Most videos are rendered at the same (lower-end; it's up to 4K now) resolutions as YouTube - 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Most top out at 720p (saves about 1/3 over 1080p), which should be unnoticeable for cartoons. But, 18 of them are rendered up to 1080p (and won't save you bandwidth if you play them on a big screen). (But I find that even at 1080, some detail is unfortunately dulled.) Regardless of streaming, all videos are downloadable in the original form, ie the best quality available. FWIW, YouTube and Bitchute both also reduce the quality of videos, also by about 1/3 as it happens. (This, from comparing a version of Guardian from YouTube (short-lived of course) with the original, and the same thing with something else from bitchute.)

This site uses HLS streaming, because, afaik, Safari only supports HLS, and, though I've seen it claimed that Firefox does not support it, I find that it does, at least in recent versions. And Chrome / Chromium sure does (and that's the basis for most of the rest of the world's browsers, like MS Edge, Vivaldi and Brave). So as much as I prefer non-proprietary standards (mpeg-dash), if you want to support just one, HLS is it. Streaming requires no configuration changes to your web server, the streaming files are just files, the logic is all in the browser, in video.js or similar. Even a basic scripting language web-server should handle it just fine.

Meant to be Survivable

The site is just a dumb file server, any smarts are provided by video.js, loaded into the browser. I once thought IPFS was magic, that you'd upload and it would stay there, un-removable. But, you always need a backing host (which doesn't mean we can't still find a use for it). Urbit might fit the bill, but, the waiting list is long, and you have to meet the conditions of the owner of your 'star' or whatever they call it.

Copy This Site

The directories should all be open, you can freely copy anything you want, and I'll be happy to help anyone do a server-to-server copy (couple hours, vs a couple of days over a home connection). Contact me (bottom of page), and we'll arrange something. The whole site is ~66GB (all HLS (streaming) files, is 36GB, MM HLS is 27GB, MM videos 16GB, MM announcement videos 758MB (I should make .zips, shouldn't I)).

Hosting Cost

The site is pretty cheap - the current host ran $120 for the first year, and renews at ~$200 / year. Typical is $15 - $18 / month. Shop around. Hostgator is not a bad first host.
Cloudflare's free tier, a sort-of CDN, doesn't cache media files, but is good for fighting off bot attacks and keeping stats. The free tier is supposedly for personal sites, and since this isn't a business, and I'm not burdening them with media files, I'm using it. I think what they get out of offering a free tier is that there isn't much on most sites, and Cloudflare's picture of the web is more complete with your site in it. Yeah, they're monetizing your and my data, many such cases (I will note, though, that uses them as does did Doesn't make it a good thing, of course. I once had a plan to get off of it, but I've dropped that, at least for now. Real CDNs that do cache media files (so that eg Australia will load the site as fast as the US) are a little expensive, I'm hoping the site is good enough as-is.

Videos Rendered up to 1080p:

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