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AMA5 'Ask Questions' video up
at dappr's 'Murdoch Murdoch Videos' bitchute channel
- they will start it soon, see their: 2021-09-11 /pol/ appearance.

Latest (+ currently most popular): Guardian of the Rune (> en subs)

Good places to start:

The Last Son of the West (> en,es subs)

Episode 10 - When My Brothers Finally Wake Up (> en subs)

Metamorphosis (> en,es subs)

The Ghosts of America (> en subs)

Murdoch Explains Race Realism in Two and a Half Minutes (clip)

Chan Gives Jordan Peterson Another Name for Collectivism (clip)

... other standout episodes

Check Cheeky (been down since ~Aug 28th, but when up, newest releases are on top.)

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