RIP 'Mr Bond'. Murdoch plays some of his music in Border Runners 3 (~1:30). was found via: Argent Beacon, which has all of Mr Bond's music. 2022-04-06 status /pol/ thread. Awesome podcast with the people (skip to maybe 15 mins in if impatient, but the leading music video is good, once it starts),

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2022-04-17: Breaking the Spell - This anon has never seen so thorough a btfo'ing of the Holocaust. E Michael Jones says the narrative is falling apart, he has articles on it in his Culture Wars magazine (subscription - the guy's got to eat). He mentions it toward the end of this, which I found a good listen.

2022-03-28: Some Things You Should Maybe Know About China - China's history with the Jews. Incendiary!

2022-02-20: Chris Langan explains CTMU theory to Keith Woods. Get this: at 9:15 or so, he says that the universe is trying to know itself, which was behind Pierce's Cosmotheism (right? Don't want to mislead anyone) and which Murdoch has taken for his own.

2022-02-14: LEZ 37, about a Mr Girl & Richard Spencer conversation, which got Spencer to talk freely about what he believes. They talk a little about the need for compassion, and dissect the Jewish pedo-sympathizer Mr Girl, who they think could be the devil ;).

2022-02-13: The Louis Theroux documentary on America First.

Most well-backed explanation I've seen for why Trudeau won't just back down. (tl;dw - $ for Canada, for himself, and criminal liability, too.)

2022-02-12: I like Semiogogue's thinking.

2021-12-14: E Michael Jones on 'Labor vs Usury': Starting at about 7:20. The main things I got out of it: usury drives workers into slavery, and, not paying a family wage reduces the workforce, because people don't breed when their wage is too low. His example at around 11 minutes is of Florence transitioning from manufacturing to finance under the Medicis. He says that usury is a death-spiral for an economy. The connections make themselves.

2021-11-02: A conversation between Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood about Guillaume Faye and the future of Europeans and white identity. Very Murdochian.

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