Ryan Faulk / Alternative Hypothesis Videos:

Ryan Faulk (twitter/X) is the autist's autist (ie data-centric), and what makes him stand out (to me) is that he considers counter-arguments as he goes, which to me is all the more convincing. He's an honest guy, dealing with the truth. If rhetoric or experience isn't enough to convince yourself or your friends / relatives, Ryan Faulk is your guy.
Sean Last is another data-cruncher, though his videos are harder to find in one place.
Here is my choice of a few of the most fundamental, or eye-opening, of Ryan's videos. Following that are all of his bitchute videos (as of creation of the list), dealing with things that interest him (the guy is tireless).

A Few Selections:

The European Revolution (On what made whites less violent, and, more inventive)
The Truth About The Truth About Race and IQ
Why 80 Percent? (On 80% of IQ being genetic)
Races Differ in IQ Even With the Same Education Level
Fiscal Impact by Race in the United States
A Case for Reparations
Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel, better copy on YouTube - (Watches like a great documentary. Ryan did more research than Jared did.)
Political Consequences of Low Testosterone
A Celebration of the Jewish People (Named so as to survive YouTube.)
Then Where did the Jews Go? (Tying up some loose ends of Holocaust revisionism.)
Leopold II's Congo Genocide of 10 Million
What The British Did to India, (on YouTube)

Ryan's own links for 'brainwashing someone into Faulkism' (more text-based)

All Bitchute Videos (as of 2022-10-09), oldest first:

Some of these may not play, but I refreshed many (2023-06-14) from 'Sneaky C. Kyle''s 58 re-uploads (PBUH). Here's another archive of 80 early ones.

Long Video Sunday: Alternative Media and the Inevitability of White Nationalism
Understanding White Privilege
Colonialism did not make Africa Poor (or Europe Rich)
#UniteTheRight and The Big Wrong
#UniteTheRight and Platform Control
Contra Contra Points on Race
Conceived In White Nationalism
Long video Sunday: The Alternative Right Tent
Bedrock Theories of History
Racial Diversity May Reduce Innovation
Long Video Sunday: A Video About Nothing
Yes, "Anti-White"
Dunning Kruger Kid Mangles r-K Selection Theory
Non-White Conservatives Still Vote Democrat
Kraut and the Struggle to Address Arguments Someone is Actually Making
Long Video Sunday - Chat with Michelle Catlin
Races Differ in IQ Even With the Same Education Level
Impossibility of Equality of Mental Traits (6:45)
Rise of the Racist Robots
Long Video Sunday: Computers, Algorithms and Robots
Vee vs. Peer Review and Rushton
The Existence of Race (19:22)
Long Video Sunday - Cargo Cults and Universities
Black Lightning Takes on: "Evolution in Humans"? (31:28)
Racial Diversity Vs. Creativity
On the Paddock Vegas Shooting: Terrorism, Propaganda and the Spectre of Direct Action
Turn it Off (professional sports)
Re: The Disturbing History of the Suburbs
You're not "Left Wing"
Stop Respecting Their Narrative
Coach Black and Blue Pill
Prager U's Shallow Dive
Kraut and Tea Denies the Existence of Quantitative Genetics
Wolfenstein is "Anti-Nazi"
The Truth About The Truth About Race and IQ
Kraut and Tea is too Dumb for the Scientific Method
Mirror of JF's Secret Audio Recording with Kraut
Could it Get Any Worse?
The Madness of the Sargonites
Thunderf00t Pussyf00ts and says Incorrect Things
Why 80 Percent?
The UK Gaslight
Lyin' Luntz Lies About Immigration
Why the #Liberalist Movement Can't Win
The Dead End of the MLK Myth
The European Revolution
Sargon of Akkad: Dumber than Kraut?
The White EthnoState
Black Panther's "Wakanda" Isn't Real
Alt Hyp Streams
Donald Trump's Surreal Gun Control Meeting
Contra Points: Still Stupid
The Meta Cult (on Martin Luther King Jr)
Jordan Peterson's Fancy Backswing
The Economic Context of the Nasim Aghdam Shooting
The Fake Country of South Africa
A Celebration of the Jewish People
The Myth of Prejudice
Starbucks Racism
The Great War and Historical Determinism
Eric Turkheimer: The Man Who is Wrong
A Defense of France's Conduct in WW2
Mass Immigration as a Form of Warfare
A Case for Reparations
Was it Worth it?
GG for Richard Spencer and White Nationalism
Discarding Pan-European White Nationalism ₒᵣ Tᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ Eᴜʀᴏᴘᴇᴀɴ Rᴇᴠᴏʟᴜᴛɪᴏɴ Sᴇʀɪᴏᴜsʟʏ
Update Regarding Richard Spencer Debate
Leopold II's Congo Genocide of 10 Million
Times' Amy Harmon: Evolution is Racist
The Context in Which I see the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
The 14th Amendment and Emperor Trump
VOTE for the Trump Reformation
What The British Did to India
JF Gariepy is a Scientist
The French Connection
The Christchurch Massacre. Despicable. There are things even more despicable
Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel
STOP LIKING THINGS: Problems With Star Wars
Refuting a Bigot: David Pakman on Race and IQ
Will Google Do The Right Thing?
Vaush: Dumber Than Kraut?
The Authoritarian View of Knowledge: Peer Review
The People's Veto
The Expertise of Experts
"Microtransactions" and Chemical Slavery
"Potential History" is a Sayer of Things
How Germany Could Have Won WW2
Shaun's Bell Curve Effigy
Shaun's Bell Curve Effigy 2 - Brain size and Nazis
Shaun's Bell Curve Effigy Pt. 3 - Test Bias and "Mainstream Opinion"
They Don't Care About You
Shaun's Bell Curve Effigy 4 - Finishing Touches
Genetic Beliefs
On Outsized Wealth
Robots are Explicit, Humans are Implicit
Fiscal Impact by Race in the United States
Non-Genocide of Northern Native Americans
Matthew Heimbach and the Perils of Wignatism
Rage of the Privileged
"Causiness" as a driver of Political Tragedy (See description for references and images)
The Nazi-Communist Pipeline Was Real
Political Consequences of Low Testosterone
Meet me at Subscribestar
TLAU - The Expertise of Experts 1
TLAU - Expertise of Experts II
TLAU 3 - Knowledge of Statistics
TLAU 4 - Bullying among Academics and the Rigor of Psychology
TLAU 5 - Nonsense Math and Elite Journals
The Covid Program 1 - The Run-Up to Release
The Covid Program (Part 2?)
The Russians in England
Institutional Nexus
Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War 2
Then Where did the Jews Go?
Hitler the Aggressor
Religion and Opportunity