2021-09-11 MM says the book is done and the AMA will be soon. And, he thanks 'dappr' for hosting the AMA questions.




2021-07-09 Chan says she's not a hapa, Murdoch says DM's dad has health problems(*), gives his target time range for the book, and, starts to make arrangements for AMA5. (No link this time because reasons.) (*) Actually, that it's health comes from earlier posters who said it was, calling themselves 'murdoch murdoch insiders' (something like that) and who I thought at the time were larping. It's likely enough anyway. I can't find those posts any more fwiw.

2021-06-03 Murdoch says they're taking a break, will do an AMA, and that he wants to write a book.

2021-02-01 Murdoch appears in a thread, asking for books to read.

2021-01-26 Chan says 'Guardian' was not the last show.

2021-01-20 Says they've not quit.

MC says the movie will be out in early 2021.

MM says he's animating

MC says the script is finished.

2020-11-11 MC says the next episode will be a big one.

2020-09-20 MM says no more schedule.