Two state-of-the-art .pdfs: fan-edited softcover, Murdoch's original language, hardcover.

Getting a printed copy:

The book was up on, but:

It has come to our attention that your Content, titled “Always The Horizon ,” is in violation of the Lulu Membership Agreement, which states that your Content cannot contain material that is intellectual property of another, invasive of privacy rights, defamatory or otherwise questionable and/or determined by us in our sole discretion to violate our Membership Agreement. As a result, we must remove your Content from availability and terminate your Lulu Account.

Next Attempt:

I have found another place to print I think, but it only does black + white. I think I'm going to do it without header images, because, being 'atmospheric' I don't think the images translate well to grayscale. And I don't want to take a long time over massaging the current images or looking for new ones. (It occurs to me that a source of black + white images might be, from manga, like especially Berserk, or whatever else seems suitable. Also, Murdoch liked the idea of AI-generated images.) If you come up with some and want me to use them I will (at my ultimate discretion) if I'm still in the printing business, or, if you make your own edition (the Scribus sources files - I used Scribus 1.5.8) I'll point to it, or host it here if you're agreeable.

Printing Your Own:

You might still try printing it for yourself, privately, on Lulu. All you need is in: /ath/pdfs. Choose one of the two .zips, which contain the text body and cover. They are different sizes and the text and cover must go together. Go through Lulu's steps: softcover, white paper, ordinary color, or hardcover, white paper, ordinary color; you don't want an ISBN, you don't want to publish in their bookstore, you want to print it for yourself (it costs the same as publishing widely: $7.05 (softcover) and $15.70, the hardcover; Lulu is very automated). For the cover, you don't want to use their tools, you have the .pdf. In case they've got some sort of guard against republishing something they've banned, call it something different, in fact give bogus metadata all around (maybe change the name of the .pdf files, too), the book itself won't change. On the other hand, if they've taken a signature of the content of the .pdfs, you're out of luck. If someone tries this and either succeeds or fails, let me know and I can tell people.