'Mr. Bond' (Philip Hassler) was sentenced to 10 years in prison, for the crime of writing Nazi + anti-Semitic songs, and because one of his songs was played by the German Halle shooter during his failed spree.

Free Mr Bond.com - latest news.

Murdoch plays some of his music in Border Runners 3 (~1:30). Argent Beacon has all of Mr Bond's music.

2022-04-06 status /pol/ thread. Awesome podcast with the freemrbond.com people (skip to maybe 15 mins in if impatient, but the leading music video is good, once it starts). A 2022-08-02 letter from Mr Bond. Impossibly good spirits for a guy locked away for 10 years.

Apparently he lived in the Austrian Alps, and went un-found for a long time until the Halle shooter raised his profile again.

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