The Store

Pieces of art used:


Murdoch had a store on viralstyle, I figured if I made one there it'd be as safe as his was. I've put together a few items from hi-res original art that Murdoch made (and one that's good, but may not be his). A couple of them used to be on merch in his own store. The only piece with high-enough resolution for a poster is the Sacred Clown Mourning Ebba (I've forgotten the piece's real name, if it had one).

Be aware that you have to give an email address to order, and that I'll be able to see it(!). I'm not interested in doxxing people etc, but, just so you know. and will let you make free email addresses, for throwaways.

Here are the kinds of merch you can make (posters and clocks are under 'decor'), ask, and I'll set up one of that type for you.

Everything is at cost(*), the merch doesn't support Murdoch, or the website (the small profit there is because Viralstyle sometimes temporarily reduces the cost of some items, to me; when I try to set the price to that new, reduced cost, it won't let me, presumably because after the internal 'sale' ends, ViralStyle would be selling them at a loss).

I've learned that ViralStyle only ships your merch at the end of the 'campaign' - ie, that: '3 days left!' (those always just reset, there's no reason to hurry to buy). They charge $5 - $6 per piece for shipping, in the USA. Overall, ViralStyle seems quicker than I remember them being, before.

A note of caution: We're all big boys and girls here, just, be aware that the black 'Murdoch Murdoch' logo t-shirt is especially distinctive and memorable - it's bright yellow on black, with German-style letters, and due to its high exposure at Charlottesville, it's a beacon of being 'alt-right', 'white supremacist', 'nazi' etc. (I wore one to a store, casually, and while nothing really happened, a guy whispered to his girl who then looked my way, and I wondered how random people would even know what a 'Murdoch Murdoch' was? Then it occurred to me, that mine was the Charlottesville shirt, striking and memorable as I say, right in there among the torches, and probably illustrating half the articles on 'white supremacy'. So be careful with that shirt especially.)

(*) I'm pleasantly surprised to find out how much Murdoch made on merch - I was always afraid that you'd buy $50 worth and he'd get $5 or something. Happily, that wasn't the case.