Guardian of the Rune (subs) Meme War VIII - Murdoch and companions take on the Holocaust meme in order to save Albion, home of the European legacy and white children's hopes and dreams, in this hour-long movie full of action, ideas, and a large cast, including new characters. (Completes story threads from 'Galaxy MM88' and 'The Wanderers Choice'. 'Coniugator' also provides context.)The Japanese subtitle says: 'The legend of the man addicted to masturbation', ie, chronic masturbator -- a pair of anons on /pol/. Some anons pointed out that the debris field that MM flies through in the beginning is all, European inventions, which if true would be why a fork features so prominently. 'At 9:43 it says: мы отомстим . This means 'We Will Take Revenge'. They show Maria Nikolaevna as the Czarina .. her entire family [was] murdered in July 1918' -- a comment by Lothrop Evola on bitchute. The tower, the Childlike Czarina (Empress), the Nothing, all come from the movie 'Neverending Story' (1984), which 'When My Brothers Finally Wake Up' also uses as a setting. Fittingly, this anon has read / heard somewhere, that the author of the book was German and based the Nothing on his sense of German culture being wiped out under the de-Nazification of Germany after WW2. The hippy who thinks Europeans are the most interesting race is Terence McKenna, who wouldn't have put the same racial cast as Murdoch does on what he says in this episode (this is only /meme/ McKenna (thanks, Dasein Mythos)). But, McKenna said things that could be put together into what Murdoch has him say, see, eg 'Terence McKenna in Maui Hawaii 1994 - Axiom Production' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANosz9vVRlI: about white people 23:30 minutes in, and, about nature preserving and building on novelty, 50:40 mins in. So, who is the 'Guardian of the Rune'? The rune can only be ᛉ ('Algiz' also 'Elhaz'), and represents life, and maybe being, which appears on the Cosmotheism book that Pierce gives to Murdoch. Given the episode's subtitle the guardian could be Murdoch, but, another opinion by someone who was familiar with Cosmotheism is that it is Aryan Man himself, in keeping with the show's theme of Aryans being 'Being's way of knowing itself'.The opening track, from 'Requiem', from the Akira OST; the early charging music is 'Heimkehr', from Das Boot OST; during Anne Frank's story about the Haitians is Handel - Lascia ch'io pianga; while Murdoch re-incarnates (or whatever) at 4:30, 'The Creation 天地創造' By Yoko Kanno 菅野よう子; at ~14mins, 'River Side' by Joe Hisaishi; during the Sword of Truth attack is the Halo theme; 22:37 'He was Horrible', by Carter Burwell; 45:36, while Murdoch Chan btfo's the Holocaust, it's: The Misfits - 'Last Caress' (1); Weezer's 'Only in Dreams' in the last 3 minutes.Thorough, one-article btfo'ing of the Holocaust narrative. Jonathan Bowden on why we must never forget.'SIEGE', by James Mason (may or may not be an endorsement); 'The International Jew' by Henry Ford; 'The Meaning of Cosmotheism, the Natural Religion of the Universe', William Pierce, interpreted by Wayne Macleod, author of 'Dynasophy' (It's 12 pages(!): http://www.euvolution.com/prometheism-transhumanism-posthumanism/library/cosmoe.pdf ); Schindler's List (shown above one of the Jews jutting out from the Jewry monster), 'Lightning and the Sun' by Savitri Devi (implicit); 'Ride the Tiger' by Julius Evola (implicit)MM, MC, DM, Moonman, Napoleon Bonaparte, Anne Frank, Elon Musk, George Patton, Clark, Bobby, Eddie, William Pierce, r/the_donald, Henry Ford, Big Bird, Christie Brinkley, Nicola Tesla, Terry A Davis, Thomas Alva Edison, Kermit the Frog, Raphael (a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), (...), Martin Luther, Rosie the Robot, William Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Marilyn Monroe, Otto von Bismarck, Paula Deen (got cancelled for having used the n-word many years prior), (...), Charles Lindbergh, Norm MacDonald (comedian suspected to be based), Ursula Haverbeck (active holocaust denier, jailed on and off over the years, the German govt. was finally embarrassed out of jailing, again, a 94-yo woman). Derek Chauvin, an international bunch of /pol/ shitposters including the Swede Twink; Kanye West (art - Bobby replaces Napoleon with him), Terence McKenna, Martin Heidegger, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Goebbels, the Cheshire Cat, Savitri Devi, Blixt, Julius Evola, the black child, Ebba Åkerlund, Alison the hapa waifu, the failed artist (and Hitler, as himself), Oswald Mosley, Jen, Zee, Matthew, James Watson, General Lee, and, seemingly everyone who is anyone in European history or culture.memewar, epic, movie, evergreen, subs:en,es, date:2021-01-26, len:01:05:36.099Julius Evola speaks from two different books, 'The Doctrine of Awakening', and, 'The Metaphysics of War'. At 59:04, in the flash from Murdoch's strike on the Holocaust, there are two frames of Hitler. Toward the end, the episode makes a lot of references to earlier episodes - Rabbit Hole (the Federal Reserve weapon), Real Red Pill Blues (Alison the hapa waifu and the black child), Against Time (Devi), Face the Strange (Ebba and Blixt the cat), Galaxy MM88 (the Failed Artist in the Meme Gulag), Metamorphosis (the woman with her baby being prodded by a South African flag-helmeted ape and the sign on the fence. The woman art was used in Vampires and was also holding a child (though a different one) - so, maybe a twofer?), Wanderer's Choice (Mosley, Jen, Zee and their brother Matthew), Ghosts of America maybe (the General Lee statue) and possibly others. (Comment: it's very likely that Murdoch being the 'Legendary Chronic Masturbator' is referring to Rick Wilson's statement that the alt-right consists of 'childless single men who masturbate to anime', cf especially Devi's statement to Murdoch. The joke also appears elsewhere in the series.)
Wizards & Bros (subs) Chan sets out to recruit intelligent new blood at a Dungeons and Dragons convention, while Dr Murdoch accompanies Murdoch to get signatures to make Murdoch's cult of European unity official. Murdoch relates his dream about a huge dark wave.'I Won't Back Down' - Johnny Cash; 8:00, David Bowie's 'As The World Falls Down' while Chan talks to Boas; 'Romeo' - Dolly Parton (song in bar); Legend of Zelda quietly in the background during the D&D scene; 'Alec Eiffel' by the Pixies; Mozart's unfinished 'Requiem in D Minor' K.626 while they're gathering signatures; 'In Your Eyes' by Peter GabrielAn 8-minute video on Franz Boas. (The 1-hr documentary it comes from: 'Culture of Critique for Normies'.) Alt-Hype (Ryan Faulk)'s first-rate shredding of 'Guns, Germs and Steel'.MM, DM, MC, Blixt, Kyle Rittenhouse, Franz Boas, the Aryan Brotherhoodsitcom, subs:en, date:2020-09-07, len:00:26:42.234The head D&D guy is 'Graham', an Australian model of how a human would have to be built in order to survive car crashes. Murdoch's printed manifesto is bits from the platform of the National Justice Party, a US political party formed in August 2020 to advocate for whites. The quote about 'slamming the door' is attributed to Goebbels, but there's no hard evidence for it, though he did make similar claims about how hard the world would feel Germany's loss.
AMA 4 The Gunts of Summer 'Ask Me Anything' 4 - The Murdochs answer fans' questions.MC, DM, MMaudio, ama, date:2020-08-02, len:3:37:51
Waiting for the Superman (subs) Murdoch, frustrated at failing to get through to NPC sheep, tries to end it all but meets Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, with whom he works out his thoughts while they all wait for the Superman. Meanwhile Dr Murdoch, Chan, and r/the_donald follow the clues in QAnon's latest instructions.In the rain is Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess. Near the end is from: wind96 - kylin forest, at 4:34 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFBOtWq7dsEHomer, "The Illiad", translated by Samuel Butler; Arthur Schopenhauer, 'The World as Will and Representation'; Arthur Schopenhauer, 'Studies in Pessimism; 'The Art and Thought of Heraclitus', Charles H Kahn; 'The Anti-Christ', Friedrich Nietzsche; Friedrich Nietzsche, 'The Birth of Tragedy'; 'The Mythology of the Aryan Nations', George W Cox; Houston Stewart Chamberlain, 'Foundations of the Nineteenth Century'; Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 'Faust', parts 1 and 2MM, DM, MC, r/the_donald, Baked Alaska, The Coomer, Skyler the Zoomer, Q-anon (played by Marshall Applewhite, the Heavens Gate cult leader), Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Mary Pickford (probably. at 18:44).sitcom, subs:en,es, date:2020-05-16, len:00:22:36.898MC is reading a newspaper with The Golden Gunt Awards 2020, a YouTube e-celeb-mocking awards show. (They had a competition for the 'most gay leader of the white race', and Nick Fuentes won. This may or may not be why Murdoch included this, the show does a lot of irreverent competitions.) 'The Coomer' is some guy who attends porn conventions and (in meme - this anon has not seen proof it's the same guy) has reviewed ~12,000 porn movies on imdb, and who has that same expression of having his inner eye fixed on sexual infinity in almost all his pictures.
Mein Coof (subs) Murdoch and Chan find that the Corona virus isn't all bad, while Doctor Murdoch, hallucinating from too much hand sanitizer, reckons that toilet paper might hold the key to a cure.Toilet paper was in short supply in the US(*). People would hoard it, keeping the shelves stripped for months, even though it was made in America and stores kept getting deliveries.MM, DM, MC, Xi Jinping, disgraced tv weatherman Mike Davis, the COVID-19 virussitcom, date:2020-03-23, len:00:07:27.281, subs:en
In the Court of the Optics King (subs) Kicked out of the group for bad optics, Chan switches tactics to subversion and runs for president. DM and MM, meanwhile, try to fit in with Nick Fuentes and his mostly zoomer entourage.くすりをたくさん by Taeko Ohnuki; 'Pounce', by Nellie McKay, while Dr Murdoch is flying in disorientation, 'In the Court of the Crimson King' by King Crimson. MM, MC, DM, William Pierce, Hitler, Corona Chan, Blixt, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / AOC, Baked Alaska, Nick Fuentes, Catboy Kami, E Michael Jones, Hillary Clinton, Mao, Milo Yiannopoulos, FolkSalad (the boys in the tub), Lauren Southern, George Lincoln Rockwellsitcom, subs:en, date:2020-02-02, len:00:14:33.623The two kids in the tub with Milo are 2/3rds of YouTubers FolkSalad, zoomers who got their followers to flood one of Nick Fuentes' shows with shoutouts. Also, they titled one of their videos 'Murdoch Murdoch Tap Water' (all, now gone). The joke about Lauren Southern shown pregnant with a dog is (probably) that Lauren is Canadian, and one form of bestiality was legal in Canada for a while until they fixed it, so Canadians having sex with dogs is a meme on /pol/.
MYTHOS (Ode to /Pol/) (subs) A re-telling of WWII and the loss of the idea of national socialism, in the style of the Lord of the Rings.The interlocked triangles symbol on the stone that Hitler consults is the 'Valknut', an ancient German symbol. At 4:45 Hitler calls out: "Hinter uns, kommt Deutschland" ('Behind us comes Germany').Hitler, Solzhenitsyn, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Roosevelt, Churchill, Meggers from the punk band 'The Casualties' (art), MM, MC, DMepic, evergreen, date:2020-12-31, subs:en, len:00:09:36.701'Meme War' is mentioned, because people were clamoring for another 'Meme War' episode. This: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/237919816/ is the rationale for the subtitle.
AMA 3 Stop Taking Medz 'Ask Me Anything' 3 - The Murdochs answer fans' questions.DM, MM, MCaudio, ama, date:2019-12-13, len:3:31:05
Fake and Gay (subs) The Murdochs attend a political rally and decide that the world has gone 'off'. Nick Fuentes gets payback for disrespecting MM.Cis White Male With Extra Privilege's bitchute channel.'Rhythm of the Night', by Corona; final song, 'The Promise' by When in Rome (2)MC, DM, MM, Blixt, Nick Fuentes, James Fields, Baked Alaska, J F Gariepy, Lutz Bachmannsitcom, subs:en, halloween, date:2019-10-27, len:00:15:53.369The picture Murdoch uses of Lutz Bachmann, (head of Pegida, an anti-immigration group), is one where someone photoshopped a Hitler moustache onto a normal photo and posted it, and the idea that it was him posing that way, caused him to have to step down as head. He was later reinstated. The deal with J F Gariepy's bags of Jeffrey Epstein money (he who didn't kill himself), was that Epstein gave money to promising researchers, and J F accepted some. I don't think anyone thinks J F went to Epstein Island or anything.
Coniugator (subs) A musing on, and exhortation to a future 'coniugator' who will unite the European peoples, set over a background of European art.'coniugātor is the future passive imperative of coniugō. coniugō means: I unite. So, coniugātor is 'the Uniter'. Post 228239379The latter part (at least), 'Leaving Home', John Williams and London Symphony Orchestra (Superman)musing, evergreen, subs:en,es, date:2019-09-29, len:00:07:33.912
No Hard R (subs) The Murdochs put on blackface and compete in a rap competition as a troll. People on /pol/ didn't get what Murdoch was saying with the 'eat the poo poo' idea. A commenter who seemed frustrated that people didn't get it, but didn't claim to be MM said it was that modern pop culture is trash. Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving in July 2006 and sperged out to the Jewish cop about how the Jews are behind most wars.A Podcast on Kalergi (local .mp3) ( - not sure how much it clarifies, though).DM, MM, MC, Eminem, Madonna, Mel Gibson, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrussitcom, subs:en,es, date:2019-08-04, len:00:12:15.151
How Bad Can It Get? (subs) The Murdochs deal with the influx to /pol/ of NPC refugees from the subreddit r/the_donald.6:00 Burzum (Varg Vikernes's band) - 'Den Store Søvn'; 7:15 'The Gael', from Last of the Mohicans; 9:20 Hava Nagila'The Passing of the Great Race', Madison GrantWilliam Pierce, MC, DM, MM, Kanye West, Greg Lansky, Baked Alaska, Corneliu Codreanu, Dinesh DaSouza, David Irving, Savitri Devisitcom, date:2019-07-07, len:00:11:45.038, subs:enThe deal with monster drinks is explained here: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/383888170/#383926591 (tl;dr it was a meme from other 4chan boards).
The Rabbit Hole (subs) Murdoch's reading leads to hard places, and hints at a solution to the problem of central banks.Parts from 'Requiem' from the 'Akira' soundtrack.A YouTube playlist on central banking. The first one is a 30 min. cartoon. It gets better after a couple of minutes. The Culture of Critique for Normies, one hour.'Metaphysics of War', Julius Evola; 'Two Hundred Years Together', Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; 'Race or Mongrel'; 'Culture of Critique', Kevin MacDonald; 'A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind', Stephen Mitford Goodson; 'Might is Right', Ragnar RedbeardMM, Eric Buttssitcom, musing, evergreen, subs:en, date:2019-05-09, len:00:06:10.745Eric Butts is the guy who showed extreme emotion in his reactions to Star Wars IX trailers.
Face the Strange (subs) Disagreeing with Chan over what to think about the Christchurch shooting, Murdoch goes for a walk and bumps into Ebba Åkerlund. Dr Murdoch decides he wants off the Trump Train.On April 7th 2017 in Stockholm, Ebba Åkerlund was run over by a 'truck of peace'. Her connection to Christchurch is that Brenton Tarrant said in his manifesto that Ebba's death was the deciding point for him. Tarrant's Christchurch shooting was on 15 March 2019.'Serbia Strong' by Roki Vulovic; David Bowie's 'Face the Strange'.MM, DM, MC, r/the_donald, Ebba Åkerlund, Blixt the cat ('blixt' is Swedish for 'flash' or 'lightning' (you can hear it best on headphones, in 'Fake and Gay', 0:55)), Brenton Tarrant, Benyamin Netanyahu, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, PewDiePie (gets mentioned)sitcom, subs:en, date:2019-04-07, len:00:13:58.504Murdoch drops all sound while Ebba walks to her near-miss, to indicate her (partial) deafness. There is a very quick, black-and-white picture of Ebba's remains at 11:10. Murdoch released this on the 2nd anniversary of Ebba's death, though it's possible it was just fortuitous, since he usually released videos at that time of the week. Going by the videos from 'Ebba's Memorial Fund': https://vimeo.com/ebbasminnesfond, it looks like her death was a big deal in Sweden. (Comment: Given the size of the crowds you have to wonder whether, underneath, they aren't also mourning for themselves at their new situation.)
Yellow Dawn (subs) Following an invasion by the Pan-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, DM and MM enjoy life under Asian rule while MC organizes resistance.Stan Lee, Jackie Chan, Ma'amy (Tiffany Moore), John Bolton, DM, MC, MM, r/the_donaldsitcom, subs:en, date:2019-03-06, len:00:12:22.909Subtitles by Brit Writer Anon.
AMA 2 Having a Good Time 'Ask Me Anything' 2 - The Murdochs answer fans' questions.DM, MM, MCaudio, ama, date:2019-02-07, len:5:43:33
Against Time (subs) Chan and newly-pacifist Murdoch visit a flea market. Dr Murdoch cozys up to the Republicans so as to subvert them from the inside. Ends on a very strong message.'Lightning and the Sun' (on wikipedia) is by Savitri Devi (Devi is on Chan's shirt). 'Time' for Devi, necessarily means decay. The 'hero against time' is someone who uses lightning (violence, destruction - not necessarily physical) to halt or turn back decay. The quote from Dr Murdoch is from Thomas Jefferson, one of the US' founding fathers: 'And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.' (Context.) Murdoch (probably - provided no proof) said on /pol/ that the presidents represented the establishment.Hoyt Axton, 'I'm a Good Old Rebel'. At the end, Oneohtrix Point Never - Chrome Country'The Lightning and the Sun', Savitri Devi (it appears on the shelf behind Little Miss Whip-a-Slave).MM, DM, MC, Kathy Griffin, Emmanuel Macron, Savitri Devi (on Chan's shirt), Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George H Bush, antifa, Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lauren Southern, Q-anonsitcom, subs:en, nsfw, christmas, date:2018-12-23, len:00:18:32.445The presidents each have globo-homo-ish, anti-American 'credits' - Lincoln the Civil War, and, George H W Bush was Deep State (head of the CIA) and Mr 'New World Order' at the end of the Cold War. Reagan supposedly de-racialized American politics (from TDS on therightstuff.biz), and, amnestied 2.7 million illegal immigrants. Of course, only Murdoch knows why he chose them. Apparently homosexual services for Republican Congressmen are a real thing, per Paul Fahrenheidt, starting at 2:17:08 of the 'Murdoch Murdoch Retrospective' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t3iTXfiaTQ.
Border Runners 4: The Caravan Crisis (subs) Malcom Madcoc and Detective Murphy take on the caravan crisis with the help of Molly-Christine and non-retarded white women.Kevin MacDonald, 'Culture of Critique'.Detective Murphy, Malcolm Madcoc, Molly-Christine, Alex (from The Orbiter)border runners, date:2018-11-17, len:00:13:28.725, subs:en
Change That Matters (subs) Democrat ads for the 2018 mid-terms. Fletcher, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Whatcha Doin Rabbi Merchant, Jared Fogle, John McCain, Beelzebub, Joseph Stalin, Mark Zuckerberg, Reddit, Jack Dorsey, NPCs, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Barack Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, ?, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Baphometsketch, date:2018-10-15, len:00:06:31.558, subs:en
Exploited Memes (subs) DM rebounds from Lauren Southern to Hannah Hays. MM convinces MC to camgirl in an effort to finance the purchase of the frozen head of Walt Disney.Hannah Hays, MM, DM, MC, Skykingsitcom, date:2018-09-02, len:00:10:22.080, subs:en'Skyking', the pilot who gives the thumbs up as DM flies by, was Richard Russell, an airline baggage handler who flew and suicided in a plane on August 10th, 2018. > Rich: Hey do you think if I land this successfully Alaska will give me a job as a pilot? > Air traffic control: You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off. > Rich: Yeah right! Nah, I'm a white guy
Skydaddies, Being and Time (subs) Murdoch steps aside from a factional fight about religion.'God Is A Concept' - John Lennon'Revolt Against the Modern World', Julius Evola; 'On the Jews and Their Lies', Martin Luther (he wrote it after reading the Talmud).Melody Murdoch, MM, MC, DM, The Golden One, r/the_donald, Varg Vikernes, Pastor Anderson, Styxhexenhammer666, Bethany, Martin Langan Diogenessitcom, evergreen, date:2018-07-31, subs:en, len:00:13:27.682The philosophical hobo's face looks to me to be Christopher Langan's face composed with Martin Heidegger's eyes.
RaceJam (subs) William L Pierce replaces Jordan B Peterson as coach for the losing, individualist basketball team The Cucks. Meanwhile, Chan hunts Peterson.'Good Vibrations' by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch; 11:33 Chariots of Fire, Vangelis'The Republic', Plato; 'Meditations', Marcus AureliusPierce, Jordan Peterson, MM, MC, DM, James Fields, r/the_donald, Lemonjello Johnson, Mecha Heather Heyersitcom, date:2018-06-30, subs:en, len:00:13:21.676Chan's prayer comes from Salieri in the movie 'Amadeus'. 'Come back with your shield or on it' was what Spartan wives told their husbands before battle.
AMA 1 LAY ON THE SPIKES! 'Ask Me Anything' 1 - The Murdochs answer fans' questions.DM, MM, MCaudio, ama, date:2018-06-13, len:4:55:22
The Wanderer's Choice (subs) Meme War VII - Chan is in a coma. To keep her company, Murdoch reads her a story from the Meme War world where Jen, Zee, and Oswald Mosley join Murdoch on a quest to answer the Oracle's Question, which, answered correctly, will restore something which was lost. ('Galaxy MM88' provides context.)Oswald Spengler is the writer who called Western Civilization 'Faustian' in his book, 'The Decline of the West'. The reason (probably) that Murdoch is able to 'cheat' and merge the elephant and donkey is because Mosley gave him the power of fascism. Also, (re: 'bring the light back into this world') national socialism hadn't been tried at the time Spengler wrote (and not allowed to live out a natural life, yet), so it's a plausible candidate for how to survive the civilizational cycle, certainly good enough for story purposes.Claude Debussy, Arabesque No. 1 while they're entering Mayfair; 'La ragazza dalla pelle di luna (Extended Version)' by Piero Umiliani as they enter Neo Babylon; Annie Lenox 'Here Comes the Rain Again'; the song in the valley of addicts is 'Takeda No Komoriuta', ('Lullaby of Takeda'); during the Oracles' choices, Paco de Lucía - Concierto De Aranjuez: 2. Adagio'Eldred of Wessex' has a great collection of videos of Mosley on Odysee. Videos about 'Decline of the West' (I like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsaieZt5vjk, both for its overview and detail). Besides Spengler, there's a 22 page essay by Sir John Glubb, 'The Fate of Empires' (one, two) which says empires last ~250 years and show common patterns over their lifespans. There are lots of videos about it on YouTube and Bitchute (eg: https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=the%20fate%20of%20empires&kind=video). Both Spengler and Glubb mention feminism, or the rise in power of women, as signs of the end stages of a civilization, thus, maybe, Murdoch showing feminists on the arms of the sea monster. An American book post-, and with a similar grand, high-level view as 'The Decline of the West', is Francis Parker Yockey's 'Imperium'."The Decline of the West", Oswald Spengler (implicit, ie, not shown as a book).MM, DM, MC, William Pierce, Jen, Zee, Oswald Mosley, 'meme' feminist, Susan B Anthony, Gloria Steinem, Oswald Spenglermemewar, sitcom, feelz, epic, subs:en,es, date:2018-05-16, len:00:33:20.123Note that the kids' names are Jen, and Zee (get it?). Murdoch in this episode is modelled on 'Guts', the protagonist of the manga 'Berserk'. 'Idolmaster' was a favorite game of 'Berserk' author Miura. The image of the giant skeleton against a mountain is Jinho Bae's, 'Fallen Titan'.
Burqas in Bongland (subs) The Murdochs visit England and experience, and contribute to, multi-culti madness. DM and Lauren Southern meet again.No Future (God Save the Queen), the Sex PistolsMM, DM, MC, Sadiq Kahn, Count Dankula, Martin Sellner, Brittany Sellner (née Pettibone), Sam Hyde, Faith Goldy (remains of), Lauren Southern, John Oliver, Kate Norley, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II, PewDiePie, Marzia Pie (Kjellberg)sitcom, date:2018-04-01, subs:en, len:00:11:46.539
How to Act in a Crisis (subs) While MM and MC take acting lessons, DM attends an NRA convention which David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have set out to shoot up.In the wake of the February 14, 2018 Parkland shootingThe Weight, by The Band at the end.David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, DM, MM, MCsitcom, date:2018-03-07, len:00:09:53.259, subs:en
Border Runners 3: The Embrownening (subs) Detective Murphy, Malcom Madcoc and reporter Molly-Christine discover a demographic plot and team up in this 80's-style action movie.There is no 'Border Runners 1' or '2', it's probably just a joke meaning, 'generic action movie', given how many, and how interchangeable, action movie sequels were in the 80s / 90s(*).Xurious' 'Liftwaffe' in the fight scene.Detective Murphy, Malcolm Madcoc, Molly-Christine, Vicente Foxborder runners, evergreen, date:2018-02-20, len:00:18:33.279, subs:enNote that the initials of the characters are: DM, MM, and MC. People on /pol/ asked to see the Le 56% face used in an episode. 'Blondi' was the name of Hitler's German Shepherd. Last but most, Mr Bond is serving 10 years in Austrian prison for his music (8 left).
Sargon the Afraid (subs) Defeated in debate with Richard Spencer and Dr Murdoch, Sargon takes extreme measures for a re-match.The quote that flashes by in the beginning: 'Whatever we create today, whatever we do, we will die, but Europa will live on in you. When there is nothing left of us, then you must hold in your fists the flags that we hoisted out of nothing.' (from an address by Hitler to the Hitler Youth (https://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/hitleryouth/index.html (scroll down a bit, and, the language is slightly different)). The debate between Richard Spencer and Sargon was, iirc, roughly civic nationalism vs white nationalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGKgm9Y_sQM , https://odysee.com/@altmedia96:2/Richard-Spencer,-Styx-and-Sargon-Have-a-Chat---Andy-and-JF-moderate-UiUH-tWHbr8:e . It's 4hrs 38mins, there are lots of shorter clips on YouTube. I think the full name is: 'Spencer, Styx and Sargon have a chat, Andy and JF moderate'. Oswald Spengler, 'Decline of the West'Richard Spencer, Styxhexenhammer666, Anita Sarkeesian, Sargon, DM, MM, MCsitcom, date:2018-01-09, len:00:11:08.168, subs:enSargon's swollen head has visual influence from the anime 'Akira'.
Dr Murdoch's No Good Very Bad Week (subs) Dr Murdoch has been driven into delirium by the news that Lauren Southern was a 'coal burner'. Chan and Murdoch work on requirements for their alt-right factions. MM encounters Jordan Peterson. Chan wonders whether empathy will be the white race's downfall.Annie Lenox, 'Why'DM, MM, MC, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Kraut, J F Gariepy, Lauren Rosesitcom, subs:en, christmas, date:2017-12-23, len:00:09:19.225
Galaxy MM88 (subs) The Meme War (VI) goes to space, where the warriors meet the ZOG bots, Capitalism and Communism. Chan takes them on in battle. Murdoch is captured and locked away in the Meme Gulag with a mysterious cellmate.The Japanese subtitle says 'The Third Way' (national socialism).Opening: timecop1983, 'Come Back'; ZOG bot battle, Ryota Mikami, 'Choir' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPznLkHyo0g; the music after that is, Revolutionary Girl Utena OST, 'Shi No Aphrodite' / Tsuioku (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-L0_EzM3e0); closing, Wagner's 'Parsifal, Act I Prelude' (3)MM, MC, DM, Ben Shapiro, Laura Loomer, r/the_donald, William Pierce, Review Brah, Millennial Woes, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Sven, George Lincoln Rockwell, The Golden One, Styxhexenhammer666, RazörFist, Andrew Anglin, Pat Buchanan, Morrakiu, Moonman, George Zimmerman, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Nigel Farage, Dylan Roof, Mel Gibson, Pepe, Matthew Heimbach, Augusto Pinochet, Anders Breivik, Angela Merkel, Jared Taylor, ?(anyone know who?), Varg Vikernes, Martin Sellner, some failed artist.memewar, subs:en,es, feelz, date:2017-12-04, len:00:26:55.489This was the first episode released not on YouTube, but only cheekyvideos.net. The Star of David spaceships are from 'Jews in Space', a Mel Brooks short. The choice of the post- bot-battle music is extra poignant - it was originally used for the death of someone a character loved, but who only hated the first character in return (but I guess Chan realizes she loves MM by this point). 'Morrakiu', who does a segment for 'The Daily Shoah' (TDS), did a DNA test and it turned out he had something like 1% black DNA. Murdoch had earlier said he wanted to write something for Germany.
Vampire Hunter M (subs) The Murdochs resurrect Martin Luther King Jr to try to convince him that segregation is preferable after all.Hans-Hermann Hoppe, 'Democracy, the God that Failed'MC, MM, DM, Martin Luther King Jr, Pierce, Rosa Parkssitcom, halloween, date:2017-10-16, subs:en, len:00:10:54.404Murdoch asked /pol/ what people wanted in the next, Halloween episode, and some said, for Chan to get 'blacked'. (That means something else, but Murdoch wouldn't let that happen ;).) 'Vampire Hunter D' is the name of an anime.
The Ghosts of America (subs) SJWs tearing down statues disturbs the spirits of the dead around a Civil War re-enactment, which antifa turns hot. However, they encounter old, and deep forces.At 10:22, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson has un-possessed Murdoch (whose eyes are now clear), and stands beside him. General Lee, who Dr Murdoch had been role-playing as, stands beside /him/, too. Phyllis Schlafly, the ghost who stands with Murdoch Chan, was an anti-feminist activist, she thought feminism would cost women their special place in society (think of occasional noises about US women having to sign up for the draft). McCarthy (with Franklin) was a famous anti-communist, Lindbergh and Ford were American heroes who were Jewish power noticers and resisters. Patton may have been as well, at least at the end of his life (he said he thought we'd fought the wrong enemy and called out some US policies toward the defeated Germans as 'semitic'). Andrew Jackson was a man of the people and abolished the US' central bank of the time. Of course, only Murdoch can say what made him include any of them.Jared Taylor with an appreciation of Robert E. Lee.MM, MC, DM, r/the_donald, Kristoffer Shekelstein, Michael Goldberg, George Soros, Jared Taylor, Barack Obama; ghosts, left to right: Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford, George Patton and Andrew Jackson, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Neil Armstrong, Benjamin Franklin and Joseph McCarthy, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson with MM, General Lee with DM, Phyllis Schlafly with MC, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce. (4)sitcom, normie, stirring, feelz, subs:en, date:2017-09-18, len:00:10:55.781
Speak Freely (subs) Pressured by ADL bots, the Murdochs struggle to conform. Murdoch runs into some Charlottesville goys.When at the end Pierce says to MM "never slacken, never tire", that is a Hitler quote(0), which Murdoch understands, so when Murdoch talks about a leader who committed suicide, he means Hitler, not Pierce. The Charlottesville rally was 2017-08-11 & 12.The Planet Krypton, Superman OST, John WilliamsMM, DM, MC, Ms. Ter, Piercesitcom, subs:en, date:2017-08-17, len:00:07:32.369
The Cruel Fate of Kekistan (subs) Being principled believers in democracy, Kekistan takes in Australopithecine refugees as citizens. Dr Murdoch makes up with Lauren Southern.During the Australopithepede battle, Joe Satriani, 'Sleep Walk'; the very ending, Joe Satriani, 'Always With Me, Always With You' (5)MM, DM, MC, r/the_donald, Laci Green, Lauren Chen, Shoe0nHead, Brittany Venti, Blaire White, RageAfterStorm, Mouthy Buddha, Pax Dickinson, Lauren Southern, Sargon of Akkad, Sam Francis, Laura Loomer, Andrew Anglin.sitcom, subs:en, date:2017-07-24, len:00:16:10.762
Get Yer Hands off Muh Vidya (subs) The Murdochs, sick of the woke agenda in video games, team up with Shigeru Miyamoto to make their own.Super Mario 64 piranha plant sleeping musicMM, DM, MC, Shigeru Miyamoto, Melody Murdochsitcom, date:2017-07-02, len:00:15:06.573, subs:en
Immortality Through Delicious T-Shirt Money Merch ad. Dr Murdoch spends his t-shirt money on self-enhancement.MM, DMsitcom, ad, date:2016-06-07, len:00:04:38.529
Metamorphosis (subs) Meditative trip from despair to action. Iconic Murdoch Murdoch.Gladiator OST - Elysium, Honor Him & Now We Are FreeCharles Murray's, 'The Bell Curve'MM, DM, MCmusing, evergreen, subs:en,es, len:00:06:54.748The quote about waking up despondent is from Goebbels. (Comment: This is one of the few pieces of media that moralizes, not by looking backwards, but by taking stock, focusing on action, and looking straight at our uncertain future.)
Nice Guy National Socialist (subs) Murdoch introduces his political ideology, but according to The Rules, needs to kill a commie to make it legit. Dr Murdoch hopes to impress Lauren Southern.Murdoch's birth incentive plan is probably just national socialist Germany's, or very close to it. Hungary is one country that has tried something similar, I guess it's had some, though not yet at least, roaring, success. Hitler implemented a lot of immensely practical policies before the war. Here's a video (35 mins) of one glowing interwar National Geographic article: "Changing Berlin (1937)" by Cultured Thug (skip the beginning or watch on 1.5x if need be). A fuller book is Richard Tedor's 'Hitler's Revolution', an interview with the author (covers a lot of topics, nearly 3 hours!)Black Marble, 'Golden Heart'; Johnny Rebel's 'If I Could be a N* For a Day', Pat Metheny Group, 'Last Train Home'Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 'The Gulag Archipelago'MM, MC, DM, Bill Nye, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Ezra Levant, the antifa regulars, JaMarcus, Andrew Anglin (on phone), Sam Hyde, Mike Enoch (on phone)sitcom, subs:en, date:2017-05-04, len:00:14:44.009
All For Love (subs) The Murdochs are forced to remember what it's all about after Trump disappoints with his April 2017 bombing of a Syrian runway.The bombing was on 2017-04-06.Rod Stewart's 'All for Love'DM, MM, MC, r/the_donald, Trump, Kushner, Bannon, Seth Rich (all, mentioned)sitcom, date:2017-04-10, len:00:05:41.884, subs:en
The Greatest Generation (subs) D-Day soldiers explain why they fought.A Jonathan Bowden 'version': What Did They Die For? (also on archive.org)Woody Allensketch, evergreen, normie, subs:en,es, len:00:03:53.192
The Real Red Pill Blues (subs) Meme War V - DM and MC reach out to ally with hapas. Murdoch has an extended encounter with a black child, and, bumps into pizzagate. Ends with the most stirring speech in all of Murdoch Murdoch.To defend Murdoch against a charge of simple boorish racism in representing black people as mental children, an early intelligence test, the Binet, produced IQ as raw score ÷ (divided by) chronological age. I read somewhere that the avg white child reaches the raw score equivalent of 85 (blacks' adult average) at age 11 on this scale (unfortunately I can't re-find a reference for this).Maya Ismailova 'Beybars Baba of the Horde Sultan', Enya's 'Book of Days'Jared Taylor on how the races got that way (another explanation for why Eskimos aren't the smartest in the world, per Ed Dutton ('The Jolly Heretic') is that it requires cold and agriculture, being required to plan ahead). Also, see YouTube's 10-minute: 'A Crash Course on Why Multiculturalism Fails'MM, MC, DM, Gavin McInnes, r/the_donald, Steven Crowder, Black Child, Elliot Rodgers, Alison the Hapa Waifu (she's not known for anything btw, she's just a striking Japanese hapa whose picture Murdoch used), Khal Drogo, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Van Halen, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Marie Le Pen, Miyamoto, PewDiePie, Malcolm X.memewar, evergreen, stirring, subs:en,es, date:2017-03-06, len:00:21:57.442(Comment: Murdoch surely makes the hapa tribesmen be nomads, because as Alison says, they: 'have no homeland'.)
The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness (subs) Meme War IV - Dr Murdoch and Chan take r/the_donald to Castle Cracker Barrel to be redpilled by Jared Taylor. Murdoch reaches George Lincoln Rockwell. Jared Taylor explaining biological differences, and IQ => socio-economic differences. 'The Cracker Barrel' is a US restaurant themed to old-time, pioneering, farming (whiter) days. 'Cracker' is an American black epithet for whites, too.Opens with 'Lord of the Rings OST: Concerning Hobbits', end with: 'Non Nobis Domine' by Patrick Doyle, from the 'Henry V OST': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13FrLGB_oK8George Lincoln Rockwell, 'Collected Works'; Niccolo Machiavelli, 'The Prince'; Yuri Slezkin, 'The Jewish Century'; Edward Gibbon, 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'; Jared Taylor, 'White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century'; Sun Tzu, 'The Art of War'; Gottfried Feder, 'Manifesto: The Abolition of Interest Slavery' MM, DM, MC, r/the_donald, Jared Taylor, Jazzhands McFeels + Halberstram (mentioned), Amy Schumer, George Lincoln Rockwell, Steven Crowder, Daniel Radcliffe, Shia LaBeouf, Nathan Damigo, Moonman, the sexual deviant wrongly thought to have punched Richard Spencer, Augusto Pinochet, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin.memewar, subs:en, date:2017-02-06, len:00:18:05.043The joke about Steven Crowder is that he's a mainstream, 'own the libs' type of conservative. Re: 'Murdoch punched right', it's been observed that the left doesn't waste time disowning their even-lefter extremists ('punch left'), like, eg, Che Guevara. So, the idea circulated that the right shouldn't 'punch right' – disavow their extremists – either.
Fatherland (Take 2) Music video of a rebellion, to Hayley Richman's cover of Radiohead's 'Exit Music for a Film'.Hayley Richman's cover of Radiohead's 'Exit Music (For a Film) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5ihqXS9xcM (YouTube)'Angela Merkelmusic-video, date:2017-01-27, len:00:04:27.309The song was originally written for the ending of Romeo and Juliet (1996).
Your Heroes Journey (subs) Meme War III - Pierce charges Murdoch with learning national socialism from George Lincoln Rockwell, but Murdoch is tempted to hide away in PewDiePie's man cave. r/the_donald shows his power when roused.The 'scouters' they keep talking about are their heads-up displays, from Dragon Ball Z.MM, DM, MC, /r/the_donald, Paul Joseph Watson, William Pierce, PewDiePie, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mark Zuckerberg, /u/spez, Jack Dorsey, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Andrew Anglin, Henrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff, Millennial Woes, ramzpaul, Emily Youcis, George Lincoln Rockwellmemewar, subs:en, date:2017-01-13, len:00:13:42.739
A Kangz Carol (subs) A racist old white man is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.The Jurassic Park theme musicNeil deGrasse Tyson, Lemonjello Johnsonsketch, christmas, date:2016-12-15, len:00:07:12.391, subs:en
THE ALT LIGHT STRIKES BACK (subs) Meme War II - After the 2016 election victory, Murdoch separates and goes with Pierce. The alt-light turns on the alt-right.There was a lot of energy around Trump's election, it pulled in a lot of different people. The race-realist and JQ'd people (Richard Spencer, Ramzpaul, countless anons) thought of themselves as the Alt-Right proper, and called those who wanted to keep it non-racial, ie who were only concerned with stopping immigration and ending muslim bombings, the 'Alt-Light' (Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopolous, ...). This anon doesn't recall the events of the Alt-Light 'turning on' the Alt-Right, but it was probably them distancing themselves from the Alt-Right proper's unsavory beliefs (many such cases). Pierce, MM, DM, MC, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Ramzpaul, Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes, Mike Enoch, Svenmemewar, date:2016-12-04, len:00:11:29.147, subs:enVoice cameos by Mike Enoch and Seventh Son / Sven of TRS (https://therightstuff.biz).
Murdoch Merch Charming merch ad for fashion wear for the race war.ad, date:2016-11-20, len:00:00:54.513 (release note: ***EDIT: so teesprings apparently shut down the new design with the skull helmet. The old designs are still up and we added some extra stuff. Sorry guys, next time we'll go through a non jewy company. ***)
The Great Meme War of 2016 (subs) Meme-battle for Trump's election (with a lot of celeb 'appearances'). (Meme War I)Mega Drive 'I Am the Program', Ashokan FarewellMM, DM, MC, Alex Jones, Brother Nathanael, r/the_donald, Bulbasaur (avatar), The Golden One, Ramzpaul, Scott Adams, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Enoch (avatar), Seventh Son (avatar), Millennial Woes, Paul Joseph Watson, Ricky Vaughn, Jared Taylor, Weev, Sam Hyde, Richard Spencer, Tina Tequila, Seth Rich, Julian Assange, Nigel Farage, ?, Kevin MacDonald, EdgySphinx, Malik Obama, memewar, date:2016-11-14, len:00:05:38.797, subs:en
Obama's Legacy (subs) Obama abuses white primary school kids in the name of equality until they rebel. He contemplates extreme action to secure his legacy.'F* tha Police', N.W.A.'A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History' by Nicholas Wade; 'The Civil War, a Narrative Volume One' by Shelby Foote; 'Culture of Critique' by Kevin MacDonaldBarack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trumpsketch, date:2016-10-30, len:00:07:28.031, subs:en
Reddit AMA Announcement MC reads fan comments(!), and MM announces a Reddit AMA (linked under 'About MM', and, in the 'episode details').The Reddit AMA on archive.org.'Return to Innocence', EnigmaMM, MCannouncement, date:2016-10-07, len:00:01:01.854
Shameless Promotion for the NPI 2016 Fall Conference (subs) The Murdochs reluctantly take new guy r/the_donald to NPI.Holiday Road by Lindsay Buckingham, National Lampoon's 'Vacation'; Delibes' 'Flower Duet' from 'Lakshmi'; in the big party at NPI, 'I2I' from the Goofy Movie.DM, MM, MC, r/the_donald, Tila Tequila, Milo Yiannopoulos (mentioned), Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, Kevin MacDonaldsitcom, subs:en, date:2016-09-30, len:00:06:18.921
Meme Magic (subs) Believing the show to be satire, Taylor Swift invites Chan to a Hollywood party. Meanwhile, Pierce comes back to prepare DM and MM for the struggle, telling them about the power of truth, meme magic, and the cosmic importance of their mission. However, sensing trouble, the guys rush off to save Chan.For an intro to Cosmotheism, see: Pierce's video Cosmotheism, Our Cause / The Meaning of Life - (the first 5 minutes are about the heroic life if impatient). 'fiki fiki' ('sex! sex! Want to f*?' Something like that) is what, iirc, newly-arrived migrants said in a mass of rape and sexual assault on New Year's Eve 2015-2016 in Cologne Germany.'Gosudarstvennyy Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii' (the Russian national anthem); The Cure 'Just Like Heaven'; Madonna 'Material Girl'; Karate Kid OST, 'Training Hard'The Culture of Critique for Normies, one hour (about the Frankfurt School)'The Camp of the Saints' by Jean Raspail; 'Revolt Against the Modern World' by Julius Evola; 'Letters from a Stoic' by Seneca; 'The Bell Curve' by Richard Hernstein and Charles Murray; 'Bowling Alone' by Robert D Putnam; 'The Culture of Critique' by Kevin MacDonald; 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler.DM, MM, MC, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, Pierce, Paul Ryan, Kanye Westsitcom, evergreen, subs:en, date:2016-09-03, len:00:18:41.079
Vampires Halloween predators run loose until a Right Wing Death Squad appears.Minibosses 'Castlevania'Julius Evola's "Revolt Against the Modern World"Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, George Soros, Vladimir Putin, George Lincoln Rockwellmusic-video, date:2016-08-10, len:00:02:26.188The RWDS clips are from the anime 'Jin Roh'.
Anti-Fascist Action Two aspiring antifa set out to earn their way into membership.Kristoffer Shekelstein, Michael Goldbergsketch, date:2016-08-01, len:00:06:07.993Done in the style of a sitcom, complete with laugh track.
Hwite Knights (subs) The Murdochs look for love. Slick Willie teaches MM and DM the alpha MGTOW way, and, tricks MC into taking a roofie.Jared Taylor on r/K selection, Wikipedia on r/K Selection Theory.Sheila E's 'The Glamorous Life', Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'https://www.bitchute.com/video/1LHPQQkgPBp4/ . To be fair, it's not a 100% hard-and-fast framework because per Dutton ('The Jolly Heretic'), some species show some 'r' traits in some things and 'K' traits in others. It is nevertheless a useful concept.DM, MM, MC, January Jones, Bill Clinton, Jo Cox (mentioned), Hillary Clintonsitcom, subs:en, date:2016-07-11, len:00:14:33.081
BREXIT (subs) Maisie Williams hates on her granddad, who remembers a different Britain, for voting Brexit.Maisie Williams, Nigel Faragesketch, date:2016-06-27, len:00:03:39.136, subs:en
No Way, San Jose Satire of the police (non-)response to violence at the Trump rally in San Jose, California in June 2016.Hillary Clintonsketch, date:2016-06-06, len:00:03:03.809
Revenge of the Murdochs (subs) Chan goes back to school to study the mind of the feminist adversary, while Dr Murdoch goes to the science department, and Murdoch to the art.The Jackson 5, 'ABC'MM, DM, MC, Evalionsitcom, date:2016-05-18, subs:en, len:00:08:18.457Frame Games Radio said that his red-pilling experience was like that of Dr Murdoch in this episode, that he came to it through science, and even, iirc, that he tried to convince his classmates as in this episode.
They Sleep, We Live (subs) A liberal taking /off/ his glasses sees an ugly reality, in an inversion of John Carpenter's 'They Live'.sketch, evergreen, date:2016-05-01, subs:en, len:00:03:53.692
The Trump Supporter Footage of one Christopher Conway being harassed on his way to the Republican convention in Burlingame California in April 2016, set to The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony'.The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony'Christopher Conwayfootage, len:00:04:56.714Appeared on their Murdoch Murdoch 2 channel.
Revelations Chill, contemplative state-of-the-world music video set to Buffalo Springfield's 'For What it's Worth' ('Stop Children What's that Sound').Buffalo Springfield, 'For What it's Worth' ('Stop Children What's That Sound')music-video, evergreen, date:2016-04-23, len:00:02:47.418
Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype (subs) The Murdochs excitedly head off to an ethnostate that opens up.'Bastian's Happy Flight' from 'Neverending Story'; Belinda Carlisle, 'Heaven is a Place on Earth'; The Shawshank Redemption, Thomas NewmanJared Taylor on forms + possibilities for ethno-areas, including the example of 100% Jewish towns. Another from 2021, more advocacy, about the rising, then-recent public support for segregation. (Also, an example of AFFH ('Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing', an Obama executive order pushing demographic mixing).)MM, DM, MCsitcom, evergreen, subs:en, date:2016-04-07, len:00:11:44.788
FATHERLAND (restored) Music video of a rebellion, set to Radiohead's 'Exit Music for a Film'.Angela Merkelmusic-video, date:2016-08-00 (ish), len:00:04:24.807The song was originally written for the ending of Romeo and Juliet (1996). 'Restored' because it is Murdoch's last-uploaded (but silent) FATHERLAND.mp4 with music dropped in, no re-rendering was needed. There's no image 'stuttering', and the mouth animations line up with the song, as though it was made that way.
FATHERLAND Music video of a rebellion, set to Radiohead's 'Exit Music for a Film'.Radiohead's 'Exit Music (For a Film)'Angela Merkel, Shia LaBeoufmusic-video, date:2016-03-29, len:00:05:01.135The song was originally written for the ending of Romeo and Juliet (1996). This is the /original/ version (or as close as I know to it), it was taken down before YouTube instituted its copyrighted-music handling. Preserved because it's the only version with Shia LaBeouf clapping at the end.
Shills (subs) The gang breaks up after the reaction to 'The Murdoch Diaries'.Re: the Dragon Ball Z stuff: Frieza could fight despite being cut in half, and, Goku and Vegeta were enemies who joined forces to fight Frieza together.'Go Your Own Way', Fleetwood Mac; Loverboy, Working for the Weekend; 'Mad World' - Gary Jules & Michael Andrews; Hall and Oats, 'You Make My Dreams Come True'Here's a 14 min. video that explains that size of territory = size of gene pool: The Genetic Interests of Europeans . A population can shrink, but as long as they maintain their territory, they can grow back. But a loss of territory prevents that, that includes internal 'losing of territory', to unrelated immigrants. A more in-depth article: https://www.amren.com/news/2018/05/ethnic-racial-genetic-interests-differencesBarbara Shekelstein, DM, MM, MC, Adrian Rubinsky(6) (art; anime face who Murdoch sees on MC and DM) from 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes', Barbara Shekelstein, Ben Shapiro, Sinead McCarthy ('Shiksa Goddess'), AIDS Skrillex, Carl the Cuck, J J Abrams, Hitler, Richard Dawkins, The Creatorsitcom, subs:en, date:2016-03-21, len:00:14:19.192 (release note: Hey goys, the link to Murdoch Murdoch 2 keeps getting deleted and I don't know why. I know people have been asking why 2 is up already if we aren't using it. We're going to try and hold out on Murdoch 1 and see if we can make it past 6 months in which our strikes will go away. Plus I might drop some random shit in 2 that doesn't quite fit here. But anyways, the day Murdoch Murdoch 1 dies, the day Murdoch Murdoch 2 really)
My Name is Aids Skrillex Footage of the meme, Carl the Cuck + AIDS Skrillex confrontation, enhanced and set to music.Carl the Cuck, Go Pro Negro, AIDS Skrillex, N* Anon, The Bansheefootage, len:00:02:08.963Was on their Murdoch Murdoch 2 channel. Here’s the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms31w4DVLvs.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE MM announce their (now long dead) backup channel, Murdoch Murdoch 2.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7YwRZBMGsoUHfWMRw2MgAMM, MCannouncement, date:2016-03-19, len:00:00:47.840 (release note: Still animating the new episode. Will be up some time soon.)
The Murdoch Diaries (subs) William Luther Pierce visits the Murdochs but turns out to be an insane 'stormfag'.Murdoch says his opinion of Pierce at this time was based on reading just 'The Turner Diaries'. They caught a lot of flak for their treatment of Pierce, as comes up in 'Shills' and the AMAs. Lauren Chen, this episode's 'Hapa Waifu', was / is a right-wing YouTuber / content creator, going by Roaming Millennial, and Pseudo-Intellectual.Berlin, 'Take My Breath Away'; Carly Rae Jepsen, 'Call Me Maybe'; a-ha, 'Take on Me'; Abba 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'.MM, MC, DM, Milo Yiannopoulos, Donald Trump, Lauren Southern, Ben Garrison, Lauren Chen (as the Hapa Waifu)sitcom, subs:en, date:2016-03-10, stats, len:00:11:17.969 (release note: When you get red pilled, you lose a lot of friends. You guys make it worth it – Murdoch Chan)
Trudeau's Diversityathon (subs) Justin Trudeau goes all-out to make Canada the most progressive nation on Earth, atoning, personally, for the sins of white Canadians.'Baltimora', Tarzan BoyJustin Trudeau, William Shatner, Lena Dunham, Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama, Lemonjello Johnsonsketch, nsfw, nsfl, date:2016-03-02, len:00:05:39.214, subs:en
Back to the Faggot (subs) The Murdochs try to prevent musicians from becoming butt-hurt liberals by going back in time and red-pilling the Beatles.Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, MM, DM, MCsitcom, date:2016-02-22, len:00:04:21.804, subs:en, (release note: Make sure to save all these videos my children. Only you can keep the meme alive.)First appearance of the Wojak Murdoch characters.
¡Jeb! ON SUICIDE WATCH Not doing so well in the 2016 presidential race, Jeb receives little comfort from those close to him.Jeb Bush, Columba Bush, George W Bush, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruzsketch, date:2016-02-07, len:00:03:44.516Jeb withdrew two weeks after this episode, on Feb 20.
2016 1984 Macintosh ad takeoff with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.Hillary Clinton, Donald Trumpsketch, len:00:01:09.653, date:2016-01-23
This Machine Kills Hippies Hippies work on a song welcoming refugees. sketch, len:00:02:51.964, date:2016-01-10Woody Guthrie (American folk singer - 'This land is your land, This land is my land...') had 'This machine kills fascists' written on his guitar.
Murdoch's Christmas Special 1 Fletcher advertises a collection of light-hearted alt-right Christmas music.Fletcher, Tyrone, Jared Taylor, Hitler, Rudolph Hess, Alison, Sam Hyde, Anne Coulter, Donald Trumpsketch, christmas, date:2015-12-21, len:00:01:51.403
The Last Son of the West (subs) A young warrior sets out to lift despair from his land.'BLUE' - Mai YamaneNietzsche, Marxepic, normie, evergreen, subs:en,es, date:2015-11-23, len:00:13:44.074The Last Son's 'art' is Eren Yaeger of Attack on Titan. The two hands meeting when the Last Son liberates Femininity, are MC's and MM's (AMA 4).
Episode 15 - Hold Back the Night God Emperor-period 2016 Trump music video.'Hold Back the Night' by The ProtomenTrump, Merkel, Sorosmusic-video, normie, date:2015-12-14, len:00:06:47.407Here is a copy on YouTube under a different name, with 1.6 million views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ecEb4tEPic
Episode 14 - Progressives Night Out (subs) Progressives get competitive in their expressions of tolerance. Jared Fogle (Subway pedophile guy), Hillary Clintonsketch, date:2015-11-09, len:00:02:19.682, subs:enThe hippy's voice is not any of the Murdochs'.
Murdoch Halloween Special #1 Clock Boy, after winning the Nobel Prize, is stalked by a scary crusader.Ahmed Mohamed (clock boy), Donald Trumpsketch, halloween, len:00:02:16.762, date:2015-10-31
Episode 13 - Prep the Bull (subs) Bernie Sanders instructs a white couple on how to tackle the problem of institutional racism.Bernie Sanders, Peter, Viviennesketch, nsfw, len:00:01:22.708, date:2015-10-17, subs:en
Episode 12 - The Art of the Red Pill A young man transforms as he gets redpilled, as do those around him.Milton Friedman, 'Capitalism and Freedom'; Bible; Marcus Aurelius, 'Meditations'; Ramzpaul, Jared Taylorsketch, evergreen, len:00:01:33.302, date:2015-10-10
Episode 11 - Mandell's Milk Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela have gay sex amid money, liberal values and happy merchants.Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jrsketch, nsfw, date:2015-09-18, len:00:01:46.357
Episode 10 - When My Brothers Finally Wake Up (subs) A British soldier learns his world is in trouble, then later finds himself making a last stand in Berlin.The Auryn, Klaus Doldinger, NeverEnding Story OST; 'Tannhauser Overture' by Richard WagnerOswald Mosley advocating for a united Europe.Neverending Story's Childlike Empress, Ralph Fiennessketch, feelz, evergreen, subs:en, len:00:03:29.710, date:2015-09-07
Episode 9 - J.J.'s Interracial Art That's Perfectly Acceptable to Be Put on YouTube J J Abrams has his Star Wars actors get increasingly sexual.J J Abrams, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Harrison Fordsketch, len:00:01:22.333, date:2015-08-30The first episode in which you hear Dr Murdoch's voice.
Episode 8 - Flight 800-000 Alison tries to book a trip to Germany through a Jewish travel agent.Alison2, Barbara Shekelstein, Tyronesketch, len:00:02:03.791, date:2015-07-03
Episode 7 - The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson (subs) Two southerners raise Stonewall Jackson to help get their Confederate flags back.Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'; DixieMaryella Josephine Wilkerson, Cletus Jefferson Booth Jr, zombie Stonewall Jacksonsketch, date:2015-07-26, len:00:03:10.983, subs:en
Episode 6 - Ellen Pao's Gift to /Pol/ Ellen Pao (head of Reddit), does 4chan a favor.Ellen Paosketch, len:00:01:24.710, date:2015-07-03
Race War, Us Against Them Enhanced footage of a black woman who wants race war.The footage is from after the Trayvon Martin shooting of February 26, 2012. footage, len:00:01:29.006, date:2015-06-20
Episode 5 - #brave Bruce Jenner transforms into Caitlyn to defeat Putin's intolerance.Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Putin, Stone Phillipssketch, date:2015-06-08, len:00:05:26.201, date:2015-06-08
Episode 4 - Return of the Swede (subs) Ludwig dates, after an influx to his country of 'new Swedes'. The url shown (/pol/) again: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/catalog (adding 'catalog' gives more choice than the version in the episode). 'The Sign', Ace of BaseLudwig, Elsa, Klarasketch, subs:en,es, len:00:05:09.560, date:2015-06-02
Episode 3 - The Orbiter (subs) Alex checks his status with love-interest-from-a-distance, Alison.Alison1, Alex, Tyronesketch, len:00:05:03.220, date:2015-06-08, subs:en
Episode 2 - Nigel's Dream Nigel Farage tries to end it all, and experiences his worst nightmare.Nigel Farage, Darren Wilson (the cop who shot Mike Brown in Ferguson)sketch, len:00:02:19.598, date:2015-06-02
Episode 1 - The Reddit Cuck Discovers /Pol/ (subs) Fletcher, hoping to ease his discomfort at leaving his girlfriend to be satisfied by BBC, thinks to start a subreddit, 'People Only Love', or r/pol. However, he finds that that name is taken.'Cool it Now', New Edition; Goth Von Core - Kay-LynnX10 - INDUSTRIAL-HARDCORE, mixed with Ligeti- Requiem III Dies irae. ("Stop Asking" – said Murdoch. Asking for his music has always been a thing it seems.)Fletcher, Tyronesketch, date:2015-06-02, stats, len:00:02:00.996, subs:en
Ann. AMA 4 The Gunts of Summer DM and MM take in the wilderness while MC sunbathes on their car at a scenic highway stop. ann, date:2020-08-02, len:00:01:42.736
Ann. AMA 3 Stop Taking Meds The Murdochs sit facing a Christmas fire. ann, christmas, date:2019-12-13, len:00:03:46.018
Ann. AMA 2 Having a Good Time The Murdochs seated in the 'Nighthawks' painting cafe.ann, date:2019-02-07, len:00:01:51.737
Ann. AMA 1 LAY ON THE SPIKES The Murdochs seated in the 'Nighthawks' painting cafe.ann, date:2018-06-13, len:00:00:53.721
Ask AMA 4 (Totally Ask Questions Below) Richard Spencer says 'totally' a lot, and is probably talking about the Murdochs, which would make the end extra nice. ask, date:2020-07-04, len:00:01:52.029
Ask AMA 3 A still of the Murdochs building a snowman.ask, christmas, date:2019-11-20, len:00:05:43.260
Ask AMA 2 J F Gariepy is annoyed at Murdoch's scriptwriting, then reads a fan superchat. Origin of 'Murdoch Murdoch is beautiful, Murdoch Murdoch is based'. Probably the most entertaining announcement video.JF is on Odysee these days.ask, date:2019-01-11, len:00:03:13.485
Ask AMA 1 Merch (ALSO SOX!) A still of the Murdochs at the beach.ask, ad, date:2018-05-25, len:00:00:55.847
Ann. Wizards & Bros A retro computer game rendition of a D&D skeleton creature.'8-bit' version of Radiohead's "There, There" from All Hail to the Thief.ann, date:2020-09-07, len:00:01:51.212
Ann. Waiting for the Superman The cast travels past on a boat in a whimsical painting. Flaming Lips, 'Waitin' for a Superman'.ann, date:2020-05-16, len:00:01:59.161
Ann. Mein Coof Zooms in on Dr Murdoch in his tub of hand-sanitizer.ann, date:2020-03-23, len:00:00:56.765
Ann. In the Court of the Optics King Lauren's dog fetus.ann, date:2020-02-02, len:00:01:20.706
Ann. MYTHOS Haunting figures become clearer against a Greek-looking background. ann, date:2020-12-31, len:00:01:07.902
Ann. Fake and Gay The Murdochs look out from their comfy Halloween-decorated house. ann, halloween, date:2019-10-27, len:00:00:59.977
Ann. Coniugator Further, raw footage from the mountain.ann, date:2019-09-29, len:00:00:22.189
Ann. No Hard R Some NX3 ('Triple N-word', the Murdochs' band name) rap, and flies buzzing. ann, date:2019-08-04, len:00:02:53.591
Ann. How Bad Can It Get? 11/10 comfy music outside of /pol/. Lon Lon Ranchann, date:2019-07-07, len:00:03:26.165
Ann. The Rabbit Hole Zooms in on a half-buried statue. ann, date:2019-05-09, len:00:01:00.019
Ann. Face the Strange Shows Ebba Åkerlund's memorial.Claude Debussy's 'Claire de Lune'.ann, date:2019-04-07, len:00:02:20.099
Ann. Yellow Dawn Helicopters fly across a big yellow sun. ann, date:2019-03-06, len:00:00:49.508
Ann. Against Time Christmas presents in front of a fireplace. ann, christmas, date:2018-12-23, len:00:02:44.957
Ann. Border Runners 4: The Caravan Crisis Murdoch floats through space until he grabs the Border Runners 4 videogame. ann, date:2018-11-17, len:00:02:07.253
Ann. Change That Matters Murdoch Chan dresses up as 'Elvira, mistress of the dark' to announce this one. ann, halloween, date:2019-10-15, len:00:00:41.000
Ann. Exploited Memes Zooms in to a monitor with ominous music. ann, date:2018-09-02, len:00:00:42.585
Ann. Skydaddies, Being and Time A picture of Melody Murdoch and young Murdoch by the window on a rainy day, set to a pretty rendition of 'Fly Me to the Moon'.'Fly Me to the Moon'.ann, date:2018-07-31, len:00:01:34.428
Ann. RaceJam MM and DM play a basketball videogame. ann, date:2018-06-30, len:00:01:02.021
Ann. The Wanderer's Choice Ambient sound, probably from a hospital. ann, date:2018-05-16, len:00:00:29.655
Ann. Burqas in Bongland MM leave an episode in the fridge for us. ann, date:2018-04-01, len:00:01:35.221
Ann. How to Act in a Crisis Murdoch has a headache, and, Chan knits us socks in peak comfiness.ann, date:2018-03-07, len:00:00:43.669
Ann. Border Runners 3: The Embrownening The Murdochs gather around to watch a movie very like one of their own.ann, date:2018-02-20, len:00:00:52.344
Ann. Sargon the Afraid Murdoch looks through a videogame collection, picking Sargon the Afraid to play. ann, date:2018-01-09, len:00:00:49.716
Ann. Dr Murdoch's No Good Very Bad Week Chan calls viewers filthy animals (see: 'Reddit AMA Announcement') and Murdoch hands us the Christmas episode.ann, christmas, date:2017-12-23, len:00:01:07.526
Ann. Galaxy MM88 The Murdochs are ready to drink hemlock due to getting taken down by YouTube so much but Cheeky saves the day by offering to host on cheekyvideos.net.ann, date:2017-12-04, len:00:01:51.070
Chan Explains National Socialism is Like Putting Family First From 'Hwite Knights'clip
The Oracles Choices From the end of 'The Wanderer's Choice'.The reason (probably) that Murdoch is able to 'cheat' and merge the elephant and donkey is because Mosley gave him the power of fascism.clip
William Pierce's Great Commission From 'Meme Magic'.For more about cosmotheism, see Pierce's Our Cause / The Meaning of Life (the first 5 minutes are about the heroic life if impatient).clip
Murdoch Explains Race Realism in Two and a Half Minutes From 'The ALT-LIGHT STRIKES BACK'.Muhammed Ali (world-famous black boxer) who was against race mixing once said: 'Bluebirds with bluebirds, red birds with red birds, pigeons with pigeons, eagles with eagles. God didn't make no mistake!' He later changed his mind, however.clip
Chan Tells r/the_donald About Colors From 'Your Heroes Journey'.clip
Chan Gives Jordan Peterson Another Name for Collectivism From 'RaceJam'.Jonathan Bowden on 'What is Western Civilization?' (attempting to counter J B Peterson's attempt to discredit the idea of collective identity.)clip
The Price of the Red Pill From 'The Real Red Pill Blues'clip
Murdoch's Speech From the end of 'The Real Red Pill Blues'Reminder of European civilization (French – done with more feeling and expression than the English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6AT-zXHi3g English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-XyE79uF3M. Jonathan Bowden, 'What is Western Civilization?'clip
Appearance on The Daily Shoah MM and DM appear as guests on 'The Daily Shoah' 107.Johnny Monoxide takes over after the Murdochs have their initial 30 mins, but they do get into the discussion again around 1:38:40, get lost again, and then sign off at 3:09:xx.audio, date:2016-10-17, len:3:20:33
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(0) The full quote: "The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight. And never slacken, and never tire, and never lose courage, and never despair."

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