About murdoch-murdoch.net

Who, What & Why:

The site is firstly intended to be a good place to stream Murdoch Murdoch and other alt-right animation + media from, but also, generally to host moralizing material and provide a gentle and easy on-ramp to white identity (though the site is not there yet).
This site is not associated with the Murdochs - the name just helps grab search engine attention, and is hopefully easy to remember.


This site is different from most mirrors in that it streams the videos at multiple resolutions, like YouTube does, and at those same resolutions. This lets you watch episodes on (eg) your phone with much less bandwidth than downloading the full video. It should also be more robust, because it will drop to lower resolutions to cope with bad network conditions. (It's also better at random 'seeking'.) Most videos are capped at 720p to save bandwidth. This is about equivalent to YouTube or Bitchute, which reduce the size by about 1/3rd. This shouldn't be noticeable for the animated videos, but, some with non-cartoon footage (eg Last Son, Coniugator), Guardian, and a few others are at the full 1080p. But regardless, all videos are downloadable at the original, best quality I've been able to find them.

The site is also purely static, so that anyone can download its files, re-upload them to another host (will offer anonymous ftp access at some point) and boom, a new mirror. Also, there aren't and won't be cookies or social media hooks or even Google analytics in here. (Or asking for money. If you get the urge, buy some Murdoch merch or a copy of a book or documentary that you've read / watched, here.)


It's not complete, but all links should work. I'll get SSL (https) support one of these days, I know its absence makes people nervous. (FWIW, SSL would not stop your ISP from seeing that you're using this site, it would only hide the content of the videos. SSL is really to protect information you submit (like passwords), or personal information that's sent to you (like bank balances), and there isn't any of either here. For all that, I still mean to get it set up. But if you want your ISP not to see that you visit this site, you need a VPN.)
Also, in most people's experience it'll be rare, but on weekends especially I fiddle in the background and you may get temporarily broken links.


Thanks to 'dasein mythos' for the beautiful 'Books & Documentaries' page (we'll curate and add to that over time, that's not its final form ;) ), and to 'citizenadmin' of helicoptarianconstitocracy.org for suggestions for the design of this site.

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