About murdoch-murdoch.net

Who, What & Why:

The site is firstly intended to be a good place to stream Murdoch Murdoch and other alt-right animation from, but also, generally to host moralizing material and provide a gentle and easy on-ramp to white identity.

I should say that this site is not run by the Murdochs (the name is just search engine attention-grabbing, and is hopefully easy to remember). Since their YouTube channel was killed, I know of no way to contact them beyond hanging around (and maybe keeping alive) a Murdoch Murdoch thread on /pol/ and hoping that Chan or Murdoch drops in. They're more likely to show up, either when an episode is 'due' (but see: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/278435216/#278450539), or, shortly after one is released, but you can't count on any single thread catching their eye.


This site has one major improvement over most mirrors, which is that it streams the videos at multiple resolutions, like YouTube does, and at the same resolutions (I figure YouTube knows what it's doing). This lets you watch episodes on (eg) your phone with much less bandwidth use than downloading the full video. It should also be more robust, because it will drop to lower resolutions to cope with bad network conditions. (And, it's much better at random 'seeking'.) I've capped streaming at 720p, however, because the current host has a traffic quota. This shouldn't be noticeable for the animated videos, but regardless, you can always download the videos at full resolution, exactly as they came from cheeky (or YouTube or Bitchute).

Another feature of the site is that it is intended to be purely static, so that a person can download its files and re-upload them to another host with a minimum of technical knowledge (will offer ftp access when it's further along). Also, there aren't and won't be cookies or social media hooks or even Google analytics in here. (Or asking for money. If you get the urge, buy some Murdoch merch or a copy of a book or documentary that you've read / watched, here.)


It's still incomplete, but all links should currently work. I'll get SSL (https) support one of these days, I know its lack unsettles people. Also, in most people's experience it'll be rare, but I'm often fiddling in the background, you may get temporarily broken links, especially on the weekends and nights (in one or another American timezone).


Thanks to 'dasein mythos' for the beautiful 'Books & Documentaries' page (we'll curate and add to that over time, that's not its final form ;) ), and to 'citizenadmin' of helicoptarianconstitocracy.org for suggestions for the design of this site.

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