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Review of 'The Wanderer's Choice' in a Croatian newspaper (this anon looked up the newspaper, and, though I found that issue, a year or more had passed and I never found the review. Would have loved to read what it said (Croat bros, help!)).

Murdoch Murdoch review in a Croatian newspaper

English translation of part of the Croatian review
Translation of part of it.

Julian Morein's (school) award-winning undergrad thesis (local copy) which says (imo over-abstractly) that MM promotes the idea of race as family. Morein says that the SPLC called MM 'particularly potent propaganda', but, sadly, that is not in the SPLC's own current, or this archived version of the article he cited. (There's another archive site with several snapshots of the article but I didn't see that quote when I looked some time back, either; though, I looked through the earliest revisions only.)

/pol/ thread about the thesis.

Apparently a Polish professor has written about MM too (a passing mention in a YouTube thread) - if you know about it, feel free to write in with what you know.

"Feels Good Man" (2020), which features a clip of The Great Meme War of 2016.