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magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f80f726b87e823a60a2ff25a9e0bdd70072a44f1 <- I believe this is for all of the episodes before 'Guardian'.

Random Technical Bloviation

I think more people should set up their own servers, it's irritating for 'content' followers to have to jump from platform to platform as they get POZed and new ones open up. I know, though, that 'platforms' are more convenient. And free.
More people should stream their videos, too.

Most videos here are capped at 720p to save bandwidth, which should be unnoticeable for cartoons. But, some of the ones with real-world footage (Last Son, Coniugator, Metamorphosis, and, Guardian just because) have been rendered at true 1080p, (and won't save you bandwidth if you play them on a big window). 720p reduces bandwidth by about 1/3 over 1080p, which actually YouTube and bitchute do, too, though I think theirs are probably tuned better. Again, this shouldn't be noticeable for the animated videos, but regardless, all videos are downloadable at the original, best quality available.

This site uses HLS streaming, because, afaik, Safari /only/ supports HLS, and, though I've seen it claimed that Firefox does not support it, I find that it does. And Chrome / Chromium sure does. So as much as I prefer non-proprietary standards (eg mpeg-dash), if you want to support just one, HLS is it.

The site is pretty cheap - the current host runs $120 for the first year, after that ~$155 / year. No big deal, though that's without any CDN. The cheapest CDN as I write would add ~$60 / month, which is tolerable, but I don't want to spend money for nothing and I don't know how well Australians or Europeans do with this site (I would love for some to write and tell me: ). I saw on one performance-measuring site that there's a 4-second delay for Australia, so that's got to hurt, but I'm reluctant to spend $60 / month money without knowing for sure.

Some hosting sites like provide free CDNs and unlimited bandwidth - so why aren't I using them? Reasons (though nothing wrong with them, I'm not warning others off - I might use them, later).

If I were to set this site up again (and maybe I'll do this in November at renewal time) I think I'd use the free speech servers that are advertised on bitchute (eg, though I haven't checked recently.

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