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Waiting for the Superman (> with subs)

Mein Coof

In the Court of the Optics King

Fake and Gay

No Hard R (> with subs)

How Bad Can It Get?

The Rabbit Hole

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Yellow Dawn

Against Time

Exploited Memes

Skydaddies, Being and Time


Burqas in Bongland

How to Act in a Crisis

Sargon the Afraid

Dr Murdoch's No Good Very Bad Week

Vampire Hunter M

The Ghosts of America

Speak Freely

The Cruel Fate of Kekistan

Get Yer Hands off Muh Vidya

Immortality Through Delicious T-Shirt Money

Metamorphosis (> with subs)

Nice Guy National Socialist

All For Love

Shameless Promotion for the NPI 2016 Fall Conference

Meme Magic

Hwite Knights

Revenge of the Murdochs

Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype


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