22 Episode Shorter MM
Semi- Murdoch-endorsed. Someone presented a list of episodes as 'the story arch', which, in order, contains all character introductions and all major events, ie, the series 'skeleton'. Murdoch said it was close to his own take. The anon (pretty sure it's the same guy) later added a few. His list has the happy feature of ending on what many think are three of the best 'story' episodes. (This is far from saying that these are the only ones worth watching, there are plenty of other good ones (popular, what em14 thinks good or important).)

The Rabbit Hole (> en subs)

Nice Guy National Socialist

Metamorphosis (> en,es subs)

Shameless Promotion for the NPI 2016 Fall Conference

The Murdoch Diaries

Meme Magic

The Great Meme War of 2016

Vampire Hunter M

All For Love

Face the Strange

How to Act in a Crisis

Fake and Gay

Speak Freely

In the Court of the Optics King (> en subs)

Against Time (> en subs)


Your Heroes Journey

The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness

The Real Red Pill Blues (> en,es subs)

Galaxy MM88 (> en,es subs)

The Wanderer's Choice (> en subs)

Guardian of the Rune (> en subs)