Cloudflare stats for the 30 days up to August 5th 2022 (UTC):

The above is new, never-before-seen viewers per day. It's screened for mobile phones, so it's slightly conservative.

Similarweb shows between 66%-70% male, 30%-33% female. Ages, about what you'd expect; some zoomers. Too bad it doesn't show the # of 11 year-olds, or even the number of < 18s, but I'm sure there are child-protection laws about that.

2021 Stats:

14765 unique, non-mobile IPs (video-watchers) (Mobile IPs are 1/3 of IPs, but it's usually multiple IPs per viewer and I can't guess how many, so I omit them and so the total is conservative.) And, 231386 total video views (204910 MM) (this time, mobile IPs count).

The Telegram channel:, has at least twice the traffic, going by its 'Guardian' views:

( had 21215 'Guardian' views in 2021. If the other Telegram videos were viewed in the same proportion as Guardian's, that means that ~600+K total MM videos were viewed in 2021. Not bad! Though, most of Telegram's traffic, I imagine, is already /ourguy/. Well, that, and the white-identity-curious, which is perfect.
(2022-05-15 I need to redo the above estimate, the telegram channel's 'Guardian' views are very skewed. He's got a severe 'placement problem' (people watch what's easy to get to), which I have tried to mitigate on this site, making it easier to get to 'ones in the middle', and especially with the 'most rewatched' page).