Walt Bismarck for Oct 1st - Oct 31st, 2021
Title Keyword# Views
IQ Tests363
We Are White254
What Marriage Is For223
Cuckservative Discovers the Alt Right86
In the GOP86
Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children79
This Is Dildoween74
National Review70
Fourteen Eighty Eight70
On the Alt Right63
Don't%29 Embrace the N.A.P.59
Friends on the Alt Right58
huWhite Nation57
Wife the Girl55
Oy Vey54
A Guy Worth Voting For54
Alt Right World51
Fall in Line48
See the Patriarchy Fall45
Cuck's Lament45
Eurabian Nights43
Inauguration Day43
We Didn't Start the Movement42
Love Is a Giant Wall42
Troll the Cuck Out of You42
We Are Refugees if You Please40
Ann Coulter39
What Is the Alt Right38
Donald Baby35
Baby It's POZ'd Outside32
First Caucus Day30
The Alt Right and Its Future29
Just Can't Wait to Get In29
%28Don't%29 Vote for Ben Carson%2116
Guess Who's Back16

White Rabbit for Oct 1st - Oct 31st, 2021
Title Keyword# Views% With Subtitles
Anti-Racist Hitler3258.6%
How Whites Took Over America3077.5%
Johnny Racist90-
Johnny Racist 2 - Check Your White Privilege36-
How Whites Took Over America Part 236-

Zoar for Oct 1st - Oct 31st, 2021
Title Keyword# Views
Child Called Earth56
Cookie Coaster38
Three White Babies32
Bowels of Eturdia30
Merchant Lords of Slithrael27

186, 37, 26 direct downloads for wb, wr, zoar, respectively.