Subtitles, Why and How

Uses of Subtitles:


I use a machine transcription service and some scripts to generate rough starter .srt (subtitle) files which cuts the work by 85% or more. I have a couple ready to go - 'The Rabbit Hole' and 'Greatest Generation', both pretty short. And if there's some other episode you want to do, tell me and I'll generate a starter .srt for you.
The starter helps with times and 90% of the words, but is far from perfect. Since you'll need to re-group some words, I also generate a 'helper.txt' which tells the start and stop time of each word, which in turn will tell you the start + stop times of any new line you make.
VLC permits a nice workflow, if you don't already have a video player that lets you load subtitle files.

To get started, download one of the above 'starter sets', play that episode with that starter .srt, and it will be partway there but bad enough that hopefully it will motivate you to fix it up ;). Send the final, good .srt in, and I'll convert it to .vtt which is what this site uses for subs.
I'd absolutely be happy to help ().
I don't know whether it's worth making subtitles for all the episodes, but certainly for many of them. Again, if you have a favorite that's not listed above, let me know and I'll get it started for you.
I will credit people who help with these, maybe on the About page.

(*) A non-native speaker can do it too, with Google translate: watch out for English idioms, try to re-state them - if the translated version comes out similarly enough to the original, well, the translator can handle idioms - great! If not, choose the translated version of your restatement, especially if it uses different words. If it's a clunker in the destination language, well, at least the meaning should be clear. I have done this once, though not for Murdoch Murdoch. You couldn't expect to be as good as a native though, and especially for slang- and reference-filled stuff like MM.