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2022-12-11 Murdoch (proven) appears in a thread (id: +jgIcPzb) for a long fan interaction. He says we've won the war of ideas:
Murdoch says we've won the war of ideas
He's not working on any episodes but would be happy to be fed things to read (read the thread for how to bring something to his attention). All the Murdochs are fine and DM and MM still talk a lot. (MM and MC of course, are married.)

Not too long before 2022-03-05 Murdoch pulled the merch store, in what looks like a hard break from the MM project.

2022-02-09 Unproven (by 'cel'), but, says he's happy with his position about the purpose of man, and comforts restless fans.
Murdoch comforts fans

2021-11-28 Murdoch appears in an /nsg/ ('national socialism general') thread to correct a misspelled word in Always the Horizon, to thank 'Cis White Male with Extra Privilege' for being willing / planning to make an audiobook, and, explains the 'chasing the Sun' metaphor.
Murdoch corrects 'Hiindin' to 'Hündin'
Murdoch corrects 'Hiindin' to 'Hündin'

2021-11-10 Murdoch pops up to clarify his attitude toward Christianity, and, to answer an AMA5 question.



2021-11-05 Chan says AMA5 hinges on Cheeky's reappearance.
Murdoch is asked about AMA5
Chan says AMA5 depends on Cheeky coming back

2021-11-05 The thread where Murdoch releases chapters 7-12 of Always the Horizon (He's id: bRNjHJIk)
I bet he felt the end, too.

2021-11-05 It looks like the Murdochs are done, anons.




2021-11-05 MM drops off the rest of "Always the Horizon"

2021-11-04 MM drops off the first 5 chapters of 'Always the Horizon', says he'll drop off the rest on the next day.


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