Latest .pdf, (local) of Brit writer-anon's version which is edited for readability, with fix of 'Hündin'. LaTeX sources(*). (original thread, later discussion thread that also talked further about formats and editing.) ((*) on my Ubuntu system, needs packages 'pandoc' and 'texlive-full', but when I generate it doesn't come out exactly the same as writer-anon's, though the difference isn't necessarily significant.)

.pdf using Murdoch's pictures (local-only, it was emailed by 'throwaway'-anon. This is more lightly edited, thus more 'authentic' (but perhaps less readable) than writer-anon's version, above)

(.pdf, writer-anon's initial OCR'd version) -- (local copy)

As plain text -- (local copy) (probably the least edited)

Cis White Male with Extra Privilege is the first person (now of a few) who plans to make an audio book of it.

I'll upload better / variant copies as they become available. There's a good chance it'll get published as a physical book, as Murdoch gave permission to print it to the National Alliance, and, to my non-lawyer's eye, everyone.
Murdoch gives permission to National Alliance to print Always the Horizon

Thread of the first 5 chapters:

Second, of the remaining 7 chapters:

These images of the chapters are 2-3MB each, too big to put inline:

Murdoch's comments regarding the book:
Murdoch says he might write more, but that this is most of what he wanted to write
Murdoch says the choice of chapter images is no big deal
Murdoch says his voice isn't suited to the Sacred Clown, and hopes to hear a good version from someone else
Murdoch says he hopes someone animates Always the Horizon

Murdoch posted a few days later to clarify a couple of things: