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2023-05-30: blog: The merch store has sold 62 pieces of merch! That makes me feel good, that it was worth doing. I have earned $25.xx out of it, but it won't let me cash it out, presumably for being too little. I don't think I want to cash it out, I'd have to make a 1099 and pay taxes on it :(. But yeah, reminder that that's forced profit. But that's not the main thing I wanted to say, just, that people buying the merch I made gives me a warm fuzzy. I really did it to give the one guy on /pol/ I saw who complained that he never got to buy anything, a chance, and the same for a few stragglers. But the store makes no demands on me so there's no reason to take it down. edit, Friday the 2nd - wow, 4 more pieces, for 66! It turns out that images don't have to be super high-res to look good on a t-shirt, so I'm going to try a couple more, smaller images. (The Hitler Youth trio is 900x900, and the 'pixelization' you see is of threads of the material, not the pixels of the image.
Shoutout for his mini-book review of Always the Horizon:
Been listening to George Lincoln Rockwell's White Power in his own voice (via 'AI'). I hadn't gotten to chapters 9 + 10 in Alex Linder's version - man, Rockwell was no 'Nice Guy National Socialist'. He was a powerhouse - possibly even smarter, and probably harder-working, than Pierce. You know, you could substitute 'AI' Rockwell and Pierce for the characters' voices in the show, but, nah, of course not. People should listen - Linder provides supplemental explanation and is smart and has a good reading voice, but 'AI' Rockwell is very good. Rockwell was a red-blooded guy. But anyway, one should listen, you can hear similar thoughts in Murdoch Murdoch, and from Mike Enoch.

2023-05-24: blog: I think I've spotted both Chan and Murdoch on /pol/ in the last day. I'm probably hallucinating them, but I'll take it. The weird thing is, I think they, or at least Chan, wanted to be spotted. Could always do AMA 6! (AMA 5's questions were too much about COVID - kind of stale, now.)
Is The Rider a girl? S/He's got long hair, per the cover.

2023-05-22: blog: I fussed over a better nymphs picture, but the chapter is literally called, 'The Lagoon of Nymphs'.

2023-05-20: Put the little, green info squares on the site's front page (they're touchable, is their deal). Needed forever, 'feels good man'. Also took the descriptions of Always the Horizon out - I need a better one. I need to move all of AtH into 'for fans', Murdoch said at the beginning that it was for 'people in the know', 'insiders'. Not something for first-timers to read. I put it on the front to promote it because it was new and should be brought to the attention of fans. I'll put it on the front page again when the book is printed. Give it a final home in MM Main, maybe. Don't know.
NGNS maybe should be in 'essential' - it also lays out the white plight - has a plan for it, even. It'll never be a site-recommended starter, though, because it's too rough (and the Gavin and Sam Hyde jokes don't do anything for me any more), though it is high-energy and one of the funniest episodes.

2023-05-18: 'Prep the Bull', and 'The Reddit Cuck Discovers /Pol/' subs done, for really no good reason. Back to AtH. (I don't think subs improve Reddit Cuck.)

2023-05-16: 'Progressives Night Out' subs.
Worked on chapter first-pages of AtH.

2023-05-14: Have 'bad bots', bots that suck down media. Most bots just look at html files, but some grab whole .mp4 and .mp3 (and everything else). And they don't just 'taste' them - get the name and a snippet - but the whole thing. Think, the AMA .mp3s, or 'Guardian of the Rune', at 1.5 GB. The recommendation is to use captchas for old user agents (what a pain for users). The site isn't hurting for bandwidth, but eww. They even take subtitles (by themselves). I started by wondering whether bots read the n-words etc in the subtitles (I keep the site itself free of ethnic slurs for optics reasons, and assumed that bots (whose data, countries might use to ban the site) weren't interested. Well-behaved bots like google's bots don't do these, but some, whose advertised page says they're well-behaved, do. This is a yucky part of hosting, dealing with bots. Most search engine bots are fine, they let search engines find you, but lots are private, and I don't mind if they're just 'tasting' things, but downloading large .mp4s and such - f* 'em. Anyway, worse, is that I need to somehow block bots from taking subtitles. on robots.txt. One of the rule-breaking bots is Yandex - I'd hate to block them. edit: did much good work in my robots.txt file, it should go a long way, at least.

2023-05-13: Replaced 'MYTHOS' with 'Meme Magic' in 'Essential'. People don't re-watch MYTHOS, the ending is a great delight, but once you've seen it a couple of times, that is done with. It doesn't feed the soul (apparently). Yes, it shows the breadth of Murdoch's range, and I loved the storytelling aspect (someone could mine that style, make simple 'based' (or any) history for children), but, while 'Meme Magic' is kind of rough (poor Candy) and slingshots around, Chan's values + ideals, but mostly, the honest despair of DM and MM, and then Pierce coming in with the big 'why' - an objective reason why we, and the rest of the world should care about white people - (oh God there are essays in there) - and then, so sue me, Taylor Swift is nice to look at, has a nice personality, the little music video is good, and her sensitive moment of 'coming to Jesus' with Chan - great stuff. And the music, all, doesn't hurt. (Dare I say that this is one of the 'soul'-ier episodes?)
Ran a half-dozen more machine-generated subtitle starters. (It's a compulsion. It's easy, and lets me co-create, or something. But I think it helps people process what's said, takes some mental load off, lets their thoughts go further.)
'Back to the Faggot' subs.

2023-05-12: Finished Diversity-a-thon subs. If watching with subs intensifies the experience, maybe that's a reason to not put up subs for it. I don't know. I got used to it.

2023-05-11: Put up BR4-themed background. I swear, the world conspires to keep MM relevant. Finally put drop-shadows beneath the link text, to give them needed contrast.

2023-05-10: Doing the subs for Trudeau's Diversity-a-thon (why? Doing subs is a compulsion, which is not good :( ). Having to watch the animal part over and over to get the times right, while 'Oh, Canada' plays is disorienting, kind of a nightmare. A little piece of MK Ultra in Murdoch Murdoch - who would have suspected?
Worked on the chapter heading design of AtH. I think I'm happy with it. Though may be too 'technical' looking.

2023-05-06: Blog: I must confess I leaked IPs - see here for my thoughts on the damage. Sorry. tl;dr, probably not much damage, but you can't know.
Y'know, I just made a connection between things, accurate or not. We know Murdoch was a drug user (he does so in many episodes, and talks about it in the AMAs). Well, I was watching the: 'Chan gives Jordan Peterson Another Name for Collectivism' clip, and noticed again how her vision of outward-moving love - that love starts with you and yours, and works outward - was novel to me. Well that's the kind of systemic insight that drugs induce, no? (Someone I know had a similar insight about the money system while high.) Anyway, connecting this with, noticing that Murdoch is a nice guy, well, those two line up. Did drugs make him a nice guy, or did they just aid him in developing + articulating this radiation-of-love vision?
Blog: Maybe I've solved, why the ADL refuses to name Murdoch Murdoch as evil. Because, fundamentally it's a wholesome vision, for whites. And it's basically /pol/ told in story form and set to great music. Enough mockery and race-realism to break taboos, scratch pent-up issues and be funny, but deep down it's a healthy vision, for whites, and even other races (a tiny bit, even for blacks, if they're receptive). The ADL couldn't paint it as extremist. And something that makes it a hot burner they don't want to touch, is that they would have to say what it is, an animated cartoon! All the people in this Reddit thread were dying to know what this bad show was, eg. So, MM is hook-y, from its very description! I don't know. Can't be 100% sure, but, it's getting to the mid-90%s. Does this mean that we can be open about promoting it? That putting up eg stickers, wouldn't give you a hate-crime surcharge in Florida? Maybe (but I'm not really hinting - I know a few people read this). (But who knows what the ADL tells cops in its training, vs what it puts on its public hate-watch list.)
I think I want to de-emphasize some of the out-of-date cruft, make what's still relevant stand out more, if I can. Because its issues won't go away any time soon - eg, there are currently floods of illegals coming over the border (and Trump is even making promises again). Someone could totally sand down the episodes, put new paint on them - touch them up with current events, maybe - and they'd be fresh. If only 'stable diffusion' could do Murdoch Murdoch episodes. There should be a 'Murdoch Murdoch cover band' animation group. They could, with total honor and usefulness, re-create MM to whatever degree they want, and find their own style and rhythm. Artists imitate other artists to start off with (well, Picasso did). And then find their own voice + feet and do their own thing.

2023-05-04: Did 'A Kangz Carol' subs, to avoid working on AtH.

2023-05-03: blog: It just dawned on me, that the core reason the MM series is so appealing, is because Murdoch is a likeable guy, he has a good spirit. Yes, it's well-made - smart enough to keep a snappy pace and the humor flowing, (and godlike ability to find + choose music - between him and Chan I forget who picked most of it). But the core spirit of the show is Murdoch's, and he's a nice guy - reaches out a hand to Sargon, tries to guide the Black Child in national socialism ('Real Red Pill Blues'), worries about the fate of mixed-race people who "don't have a home" to belong to ('Galaxy MM88', and, the reason the tribesmen in 'Real Red Pill Blues' were nomads). He makes the show be overall non-threatening, despite being thoroughly racially aware and not sparing the insults. I've said it before, but, what a difference one person can make (yes, he had good help).
Been getting visited by some hardcore glowie again, for the record. He uses, a book-marking site, and lord almighty you have to see the things he has bookmarked. I don't share the link(s) in misc-stats because they could identify him and maybe he's just taking a break, and I don't want to dox anyone via the site - maybe he's friendly. But, the links are about laws and subversion and groups and I forget, it's been a while since I visited his links. I'm afraid to give my home IP away, visiting his tabs, but truthfully, it'd be that would see me looking, not him. Still. Talking about the Murdochs not being on anyone's radar, well, it looks like it comes up to someone from time to time. (Or again, it could be a friendly glowie just taking a break.)
I hate to admit it, but I feel I must - I had a list of visiting IPs exposed for a long time. It happened by, that I had them in my scripts directory so I could query their country - I wanted to test whether non-Anglophone countries used subs more (they don't, not much). Then, because I make a fetish of being open - long after this playing around - I uploaded my whole scripts directory to this site, including those lists. Only one 'person' - a bot - looked at those files, but it's a data company. How bad is the damage? There were no times associated with the IPs, and IPs change over time (not much, probably, but ...). This list was at least a year old - I deleted it (everywhere) before I thought to look at its date. 'Glowies' know who everyone is if they want to. But, this was public. Someone antifa-tier could buy those IPs, but they couldn't look them up to dox you unless a) in the US, you'd made your browsing data saleable in which case you were already vulnerable or b) someone got a warrant. Probably in Europe, the police and no one else could know. Elsewhere? No one would care. Anyway, sorry, sorry, sorry. James Mason of SIEGE fame says that you're in as much danger from stupid comrades as from actual infiltration. This is in good part why I don't want to belong to any organization that requires you to dox yourself to them - accidental leaks. Eg Identity Evropa put a members list online, once, by accident. How can people expect that this won't happen again? Well, I've found out that IPs aren't nailed to countries like I imagined - they move around. So my interest in them is reduced, anymore. I would love accurate country data for them, but that costs money. I'll certainly not make this specific mistake again.

2023-04-30: blog: Had the great idea, of putting Jack Gladder's trailer into IMDB's entry for the show (if they have a slot for a trailer), but, the trailer shows a couple of Stars of David on the ZOG bots' foreheads, so that's no good. Would want it absolutely normie-friendly, even if viewers stop watching after a couple of episodes in disgust. Don't want to risk the weak position the show has on the edge of being 'normal'. (I don't know, man - they have 'Europa, the Last Battle' listed there - they must not be that nazi-phobic.) I could think of new screenshots for that entry, at least. Or, heck, come up with my own trailer! Need music, though. I could steal Gladder's choice of scenes, even, I guess. But it wouldn't be the same without his glorious music, and that's well-copyrighted, you couldn't get away with putting it on imdb.
Jen + Zee's mom says more, in 'The Wanderer's Choice', but, it's completely overwhelmed by Zee talking. Absent asking Murdoch, or serious forensic analysis I don't have a hope of recovering it. (Chan says more to Pierce, too, in 'Murdoch Diaries' after she tells Dr Murdoch that Pierce went to the convention.)

2023-04-26: blog: 134 people visited 'Wanderer's Choice' via some external link in the last two days, and I have no idea where from.
If anything makes the MM series out of date, it's not the Trump or e-celeb references, it's that the problems he describes are past curing (thinking of the invasion of Europe, and, as much as I hate to say it, the spirit of optimism). When the huge, dark wave passes - let's say it fails eventually - what will be left behind? (Will it ever pass, or will it just get ever, dark-wave-ier? But say it does:) Will we accept trannies + gay marriage? The inevitability of browns being mixed among us? Take debt-slavery as given? God help us, will we accept the inevitability of the solution to race tension, being to mix ourselves away? To undo this would be to have to fight entropy, hard. You can't roll it back, all you can really do is draw yourself above it, and that's going to take constant effort. /Thoughts spawned by watching 'things are terrible now and everyone knows it' by Nowicki, and, poking at galaxy mm88's subtitles during his time in the cell and his final speech, with 'the blue-eyed kids of tomorrow'.
I say 'dated', but of course the point, the goal, is never dated. edit: and, Murdoch knows much of it is dated, thus, 'Always the Horizon'.
edit edit: re: dated, I think we need more Pierce, less 'fun and games'. Or else fun and games with an edge to it.

2023-04-24: blog: Saw this copy of Always the Horizon on amazon. Mixed feelings! I feel bad it isn't mine (that it's taken me so long); I kind of am irritated that the guy didn't sell it at cost (though that's allowed, by Murdoch and me (+ Brit Writer Anon, I'm sure)); glad, because it shows that having a swastika on the cover or talking about 'Semitic goblins' isn't a death sentence for a book, there. So it looks like the print version of AtH will survive just fine. Cool! Now I wonder how amazon will handle having two editions with the same author? Probably just fine - happens all the time. (Did the guy get an ISBN, I wonder? Should I steal it, or make my own?) The picture shows a big, thick printed tome - now, that's a laugh - it'll be slim.

2023-04-23: blog: Heard blackpilled make an MM reference - mentioned, 'Waiting for the Superman' (his April 23rd 'Density Edition'). Is MM a common reference point for us? For a lot, surely.

2023-04-22: blog: Looked at another stats site, and found that 'Murdoch Murdoch Merch' was - though distantly - the second highest search that wound up here. Who knew merch had such pull? Guess I'll clean it up and add some smaller, more off-beat items like a correspondent suggested. And then, it was 'Ryan Faulk videos'! I need to talk to that man, I know of no other source than bitchute and half his videos (it was nearly exactly half when I tried to download them a couple months back) wouldn't play anymore there. I need to contact him, offer him $, send him a big, external USB drive to copy stuff to, and send them to me, with the promise that I'll upload them all to Odysee, and, host them myself, here, or at my other, un-opened site.
Spent much time trying to make small color images look good. Might change the nymph picture, because, though water nymphs are a thing, Aphrodite floats (but admittedly she's a god), but, well, Narnian nymphs (YouTube) (or Pauline Baynes, a C.S. Lewis illustrator, version) are more my idea of nymph. Imo there's nothing magical or special about the 'Hylas and the Nymphs' picture, they just look like girls in water. Might. On the other hand, it does say that Aphrodite's hair floats around her 'as though it was in water'. I don't want too many style changes - the ones Murdoch has done aren't too bad, I don't want to go too crazy.

2023-04-21: blog: I know I said that 'The Real Red Pill Blues' was in some sense the center of the MM series, but, well, 'Meme Magic' is .. another center! Or its soft heart. Made when the series was still optimistic, and had energy to spare (Taylor Swift's little music video. When was the last music video? Ah, 'Higher Love' in Guardian - can't use that as an indicator), DM and MM show their hearts, and the hearts of all of us, and Chan shows her admirable morality and (noble, even), values - what's not to like? This is one that makes you love the series. It should be in 'Essential', but there are too many already and which one would I displace? It'd be a starter, because it shows our plight, how much we care about it, and why we (and others) should care (Pierce's speech). But it's got too much about 'kikes' in it. Is that just like the swastika - something easy for a new person to compartmentalize, put to one side for the sake of the rest of the show? ("It's a nazi show - of course they call Jews kikes.") Or is it extra offensive? Ehn, don't know. Y'know, when was the last time you heard about nobility? Maybe humanity's problem is that we've got nothing to be noble about. We can only sink into our senses. Maybe Jews just don't do nobility, either. I've never heard of 'nobility' used in connection with a Jew, it doesn't seem like that's anything on their radar. The closest I can think of is Masada, but killing your families and then yourselves, while in some ways heroic, isn't noble.

2023-04-19: Didn't do much for Hitler's birthday. Would take too long to do it properly, but that doesn't mean I can't take a stab. 'Proper' Hitler stuff will have to wait for the next site, but, I should put up something besides MYTHOS. edit: didn't have a nice, simple one to drop in. edit2: Wish I'd just posted this (YouTube), now. Wanted something punchier and more direct, but this has its merits. a) Hitler is over, but b) People respect and remember him fondly (or at least don't seethe at him like the Jews want you to).
Getting ready to put up Stefan Molyneux's excellent 3-part r/K theory videos.

2023-04-15: Added Murdoch's own suggestions for episodes to start with, and updated the About MM page.

2023-04-09: Retouched subs for: br3, dm's very bad week, your heros journey (the 'colors' part). A fan has written in with a vector version of the Murdoch Murdoch logo, suitable for blowing up onto merch. Very nice.

2023-04-07: blog: A correspondent tells me (and sent a screencap) that Milo Yiannopoulos 'loves M M so much' (especially strong language!). (The correspondent said it could be made / was intended to be, public.) Don't know what to do with that. An e-celeb endorsement is surprising and interesting for sure, but, would Murdoch want to have Milo's praise? I kind of like it, that Milo is apparently 'big' enough that he's fallen for the series overall, even though he quickly becomes a villain in it. On the other hand, Murdoch is especially tolerant - see 'Dr Murdoch's no good very bad week'. On the other, other hand, read AtH. Eh, it's not the same. Before I used such an endorsement, I'd clear it with both Milo and Murdoch, if Murdoch even answered. Anyway, I can see why people like the show - it gets down into our id, exercises it, mixes it with humor. We need more of that. I guess that's an early days alt-right attitude, as in "Murdoch Diaries". But this knowledge + sensibility also wants to go somewhere, and has been thwarted, which is less funny.
I showed someone how even '100%' has been deemed a hate symbol by the ADL ("It has been used to mean '100% white'!"), and of course, "It's Ok to be White", which was made to be (I've seen the posts) the most anodyne possible statement, they've declared to be hate speech. So why, why, why, do they not mention anything about Murdoch Murdoch? It's tempting to think they're that afraid of it, but, could it be, that they also think it'll soften WNs' attitudes, that, the ADL likes the idea of people being influenced into being Nice Guy National Socialists? Or that it'll waylay our energies into fantasy, like some anon once said? I can't believe either of those last two, though. They are too reasonable, which isn't the Jewish way. I fear that it's got to be a trap, somehow. I mean, their most effective strategy has been to keep AR media out of the mainstream. But MM is on imdb! Praise for it there is high! I, even, might be curious and give it a google search. Maybe its audience is small and niche, and they just don't bother. But maybe it is, that: 'edgy cartoon show that the ADL hates and is easily found' is just too attractive, and the first explanation - that they're afraid of it - is correct. Maybe they can't hit the advertisers of hosting companies since there aren't any. I guess you do need the law to go deeper than ad-driven big media. (To blather on, it was once squelched off of Google, but a Republican hearing about political bias in search fixed that.)
'Salem' has produced some shareable .webm clips, some with sound, some without, suitable for /pol/. More where that came from. Would like to automate the process, set up something so that users can make their own.
If this book can survive on amazon, that looks good for AtH.

2023-04-02: Put up: 'Red Pill the Beatles' as a redirect to 'Back to the Faggot' (after re-reading this reddit thread about a brown, lesbian girl who got into Murdoch Murdoch). Will I be penalized for trying to SEO, or will it work, or, will it have no effect?

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