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2021-09-11 MM says the book is done and the AMA will be soon. And, he thanks 'dappr' for hosting the AMA questions. Not going to paste but the one screenshot, as the thread is short.




2021-07-09 Chan says she's not a hapa, Murdoch says DM's dad has health problems(*), gives his target time range for the book, and, starts to make arrangements for AMA5. (No link this time because reasons.) (*) Actually, that it's health comes from earlier posters who said it was, calling themselves 'murdoch murdoch insiders' (something like that) and who I thought at the time were larping. It's likely enough anyway. I can't find those posts any more fwiw.

2021-06-03 Murdoch says they're taking a break, will do an AMA, and that he wants to write a book.

2021-02-01 Murdoch appears in a thread, asking for books to read.

2021-01-26 Chan says 'Guardian' was not the last show.

2021-01-20 Says they've not quit.

MC says the movie will be out in early 2021.

MM says he's animating

MC says the script is finished.

2020-11-11 MC says the next episode will be a big one.

2020-09-20 MM says no more schedule.